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You let them run free, he's gonna tear your part and every team that has tried to do that as met with the same didn't play the first time these met, Marcus Peters. And that was where the whole Gumbo comments started coming. It is a former disciple of reverse island would ask the question is that how you do you put to leave on him all over the field? There's no question. I would no question. Look, they traveled Marcus with them in the first game. That's obviously when Sean said we like that matchup alive. Like this match up a lot well because the league matches size mattress physicality, and the other piece that people don't talk about it came Philippe plays with a certain type of attitude sodas, Michael Thomas, so you have to be able to match that intensity play it and play out because he's going to try to beat you up at the line of scrimmage and the body down the field, and that's the type of matchup that could give Michael Thomasson problem. Two thousand seven the last win for the Rams in the big easy. They've lost three straight last week. The formula was run run run Todd Gurley. C J Anderson both going over one hundred while finding the endzone Kirk Morrison on how the Rams again get the best out of their new backfield weapon. Got him at the right time. You gotta sit on the couch realizing that if he doesn't lose weight or getting the shape he's gonna be out of the league. In people forget that CJ Anderson was actually won the top back, especially we also about Philip Lindsay on what he was able to do with the Broncos this year before Philip Lindsay. They would seize the Emerson's the undrafted running back to actually lead the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl. He was a guy who is running the football for paid manning in that team went Denver went and beat Carolina Panthers back to the NBA. The thunder still haven't lost to the Sixers since November fifteenth of two thousand eight Georgia's guarded by Butler. Ferguson given the ball here, we go down to six nine Ferguson. Jessica, george. Up. George. Thunder by one one six fifty four point chance. With one to play ninety eight.

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