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In Glendale. This is on the eastbound side of the one thirty four right essential in downtown Glendale. But it has you backed up all the way to forest lawn. Next report coming up at eleven forty five hours with more traffic reports. More often can't extend seventy NewsRadio. Seventy three degrees downtown and beautiful sunshine and eleven thirty six Motech money continues as Frank Motech Nellie based tech company that aggregates consumer data for marketers. Now come up with a way for you. To claim your own data on your data verified and sell your. Data with me now. Christopher mclean. Oh, the CEO shrieks spelled S A X Christopher. Thank you very much for coming to line this weekend and tell us about the new app rolled out of the Consumer Electronics Show, and how this all works. Yeah. So the product is called big token, and it's it's live now and the apps store and in the play store and consumer sign up enter the platform, they share data about themselves, and they share information about things that they're interested in and they give the platform the right to be able to sell access to your data and exchange for monetary compensation. So instead of Facebook taking all of your information and selling it or Google taking all of your information selling which is happening every single day. There's information of yours that's out on the marketplace. That's being sold to different marketers. Then we put that money. Back in the hands of the consumer. So we say, look if you want to access my information, you're going to have to pay and we wanna be compensated directly instead of a third party being compensated for something that's truly value of yourself. You know of the consumer this is your information your data..

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