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News one O 6 9 and a.m. 7 40 K CBS. K CBS News time is two 20. Police in Santa Clara are asking for the public's help in locating a missing 82 year old man. Raymond Aziz has been missing since 7 30 last night. He's 5 5 medium build. He was last seen in the area of flora vista and Granada avenues in Santa Clara. He was wearing a black wool hat, black sleeveless down jacket, a navy blue sweater, gray pants, and brown skechers brand shoes anyone who knows of Aziz whereabouts or may have seen him is asked to call 9-1-1. New research out of UCSF may make some people think twice about E cigarettes and marijuana smoking as K CBS Megan goldsby reports they found that any type of vaping or smoking can lead to heart problems. The researchers gave rats the equivalent of one smoking session a day using tobacco, vapor from two types of popular E cigarettes, or marijuana smoke, with and without cannabinoids. And in all of these cases, except for the air, the rats that breathe in air. We saw a decrease over the 8 weeks of cardiac function that the ability of the heart to pump properly. We saw structural changes in the heart at the end, so there was a lot of scarring in the heart. And says senior author, doctor Matt Springer, a Professor of medicine at UCSF, they found changes in the nerves and heart rhythms as well. I think we've done such a good job of convincing people that inhaling tobacco smoke is bad for them that they assume inhaling anything else is better. And even harmless, but we keep seeing that's not the case. He says the heart changes appear to stem from lung irritation in general, not directly from the tobacco itself, making gold speak K CBS. There is more emotional testimony Tuesday from governor Newsom's wife during Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault trial. Margaret carrero with our Odyssey sister station knx in Los Angeles has more. She cried the hardest when asked by a prosecutor if it was her intent to have sex with Weinstein when she went to the Peninsula hotel 17 years ago, Jennifer siebel Newsom identified in court as Jane Doe number four adamantly said no, her voice filled with emotion, she continued to cry during the remainder of that questioning and as she quickly walked out of the courtroom when her testimony was complete, one of Weinstein's attorneys pressed her during cross examination about dozens of emails she sent to him after the alleged assault suggesting that she had blocked out that fact siebel Newsom then testified that the trauma of being sexually assaulted is still with her. The judge in the case ended up dismissing four out of 11 counts that Weinstein was facing because prosecutors said they did not intend to proceed with the counts related to Jane Doe number 5, Weinstein is now facing a maximum of 60 years to life plus 5 years he has pleaded not guilty. Caltrain is showing off its brand new all electric fleet of trains, as the agency continues work to electrify the Peninsula corridor. Case CBS Keith manconi brings us this early look. We spent a lot of time designing where all of the controls would be here. Caltrain's executive director, Michelle Bouchard, giving a grand tour of the new train, starting in the cabin, and ending in the bathroom. This is the number one. You can change your baby while you're on the train. This train, one of an early batch that's already

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