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Just. I doubt it i mean emory jones has not really looked all that strong this year. Florida starting quarterback Anthony richardson. There is a little bit of excitement around him. He had excuse me He had a huge game last week. Against south florida couple. Long touchdown runs really mobile So that's pretty exciting but man. It's tough to play two quarterback system and have one guy who you're really just not all that excited about right now and alabama's defense has been so good You know savings. And they're pretty mad right now understandably you know. He feels that they didn't play a full game against miami and then they start slow against mercer. So you know. This is a pretty miserable week for those alabama players. So i i really. Don't see this game Being inside two touchdowns like you said the lines around fifteen. And i think that's very very fair. Interesting yeah bama first-half coming back on bama in the first-half once again on the road. At florida throwback steve spurrier days when florida and alabama meeting for sec championships. The later game is the annual white out at penn state penn state gets the big win early on the road to start the season over wisconsin. Auburn's as well. It's the first time ever traveling to beaver stadium. It's going to be an insane atmosphere big ten. Sec football penn state's favored. Who do you like it this one because this is a tough one to call. Yeah then not. Only the first time they're going to Auburn's go up to penn state. This is the first regular season game between the teams ever. They've only played in two bowl games before the so it's really cool story line Just kind of being a college football merit. I love this so much that they were getting a different kind of matchup but as far as the game itself. penn state's pass defense has been excellent Wisconsin could not do anything and ball state. Look it's ball state and you're not gonna get a whole lot of Praised for that but they did win the mac last year and they've got reply a quarterback who's been there for several years as a starter and penn state has given up it's given up Only about five yards passes here so i really like what they're doing at this point and auburn i just don't trust bo knicks. That's that's the honest truth of the situation. He's done really well to start the year but they played akron in alabama state. Low competition. not his fault. That's that's what's on the schedule. But i really do not think that auburn can go into what's going to be a crazy environment in that white out it's going to be constantly loud And i really don't think auburn is going to have enough offense To get past this fence they defense. Now i do think penn state's offense on the other hand is not going to really blow. Pass this auburn defense either. I think it's probably going to be a pretty low scoring game. But i do think. Penn state wins by touchdown in the end. Yeah man it's going to be fun. One of these big ten schools get a chance to knock off a ranked. Sec and this is a huge pride thing into white out game. And i'm with you. I don't think got much of a shot here. I think they're walking into a complete and total hornets nest and they may get there. Get their butts handed to them by by by penn state team that i like a lot. Are there two games late on saturday..

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