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WBZ. NewsRadio, Boston, We will, as always bring you the latest live reports of the latest information. As more details become available again. At least nine suspects taken into custody after that standoff this morning with armed suspects and 95 in Wakefield. While all this rain here in New England is certainly not causing a complete washout for holiday activities, In fact, some communities are still planning to have their events like fireworks. Meanwhile, out west, outrage is growing and frustration to over a fireworks explosion. Sugar South Los Angeles neighborhood. CBS is Nicole Comstock reports. Residents forced out of their homes are demanding help. South Central was bomb by the Los Angeles Police Department. We want to know. Who made that call. They want to know if they would have detonated homemade fireworks already deemed unstable in an affluent neighborhood. Would they have made that call? If we were in Santa Monica? I'm shocked something, man. So disgusted. Martha Sanchez is a marriage and family therapist. She says the blast shook her home while she was in the middle of a therapy session and I was just screaming in front of my patients. Because I was terrorized. They're demanding criminal charges against the police department and want 20% of its budget immediately redirected to the victims. At least 17 people, including nine Los Angeles police officers and a federal agent, were heard by the blast Wednesday night. Well, there's a new hotspot in the city of Boston, just in time for the fourth of July. It's in Boston Harbor and is apparently unlike any other food and drink spot. In town. It's Boston's newest food and drink hot spot. And it's not on the water. It's in the water. It's called tall ship, and it's just that more to Pier one in East Boston. It features three mahogany bars on deck, including a huge oyster bar featuring tasty crustaceans of all kinds. Rachel Angle, says tall ship his position to provide spectacular views of Boston. The views are breathtaking. I don't think people realize how incredible it really is, but not just that, you turn around and you see East Boston and the transformation East Boston is going through these gorgeous new condos. These gorgeous new apartments. We are now a fixture in this neighborhood. Tall ship is owned by the folks at Pier six in Real house, and it's making its debut just in time to take part in a boat parade with fireworks as Boston celebrates the fourth of July. Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's news radio. It's 10 49 awakened funeral were held in Winthrop yesterday for retired Massachusetts State trooper David Greene. He was one of two black people who were fatally shot during a shooting rampage in Winthrop. Last Saturday, Dozens of state troopers joined family and friends of Green for a wake and funeral service. Green served in the air Force before his 36 year career in law enforcement. Including as a state trooper. Meanwhile, a funeral for Ramona Cooper, a retired Air Force veteran that will be held on Tuesday in East Boston, the family says her funeral will be private. Suffolk County District Attorney D. A. Rachel Rollins has called the attack a hate crime that gunman a white man named Nathan Allen. Was killed by police President Biden praising and thinking the nation's teachers for helping students get through a year of learning outside the classroom. After a year of long distance teaching President Biden told the National Education Association that parents understand the teachers value. You deserve a raise. Not just praise Mr Biden also thanking teachers for leading the way and getting vaccinations, so schools can reopen and reveal the ABC News Washington It's 10 51 WBZ NewsRadio looks back as we turn 100 don't believe breezy 10 30 Question. How many words can you make from the letters in.

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