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Need to close. Our First Amendment speaks clearly, you know we're here for the people, and if they choose to come, we're here. We want to stay welcome. If we close, we'll lose everything. We have face masks at the 24 hour seven day a week. Jim are optional Ends, says Club members fill out of Corona virus waiver upon entering at all gym equipment is thoroughly disinfected after each use. Riverside County is one of 30 counties on California's Corona Virus Watch list. Phil Hewlett News, 93.1 KFBK When it comes to reopening schools, California sing very different views on what should be done. More conservative areas of the state are pushing back on guidance to continued a distance Learning amid growing Coben, 19 numbers. NBC's Alex Stone Now on the same day, L A Unified schools announced they will not be reopening classrooms at the start of the school year. Next door, the Orange County Board of Education Asian voting to recommend reopening schools with no masks and no social distancing required. Dr Ken Williams is on the board. Lowest risk Our Children in K through 12. The board's vote is not binding. It goes against the Orange County Department of Education and state recommendations. Schools can decide on their own like stone evey scene, Ares Local coffee company Phil's coffee, laying off almost 200 employees. Most of the 180 position's being cut will affect baristas and managers. There will also be layoffs at the company's San Francisco headquarters. A spokesperson for Phil said the Corona virus pandemic has disrupted their business model in a way that's worse than they anticipated. Bill says that they'll continue operating as a no contact to go business with the reduced staffing and again there are fields coffee shops located in downtown Sacramento as well as in Davis amid this pandemic, somewhere, afraid to take a trip to the hospital cave case, Marshall Benson report attitudes towards hospitals have changed during the nationwide Corona virus Pandemic and CEO and president of Dignity Health here. Nevada Memorial Hospital, Dr Brian Evans says there is a newfound reluctance from the public to get help from hospitals. People have been reluctant Tio come into the merge department called 911 and I think that there is a fear element here. I think people are nervous about coming into hospital. E R visits are down 42% and 911 calls are down 29%. Dr. Evans is worried that those with serious symptoms aren't getting the care that they need, especially when it comes to heart attacks and strokes were really concerned that there's people that are out there with symptoms that need to get checked out and they might be holding off on doing that, And that's just not a good idea. Dr Evans assures the public that there is plenty of personnel and safety in place to take care of anyone who might need help. Marshall Benson News 93.1 KFBK More on that coveted pandemic. The San Joaquin County sheriff says he recently tested positive for the virus in a Facebook video, Sheriff Pat Withrow says he's fine and all the symptoms that showed up June 30th have since gone away. Even so, he's urging residents to be vigilant. If you start not feeling well or anything like that, please get yourself tested. I know it's a long lines and Takes a while to get the results now, But let's make sure we take care of ourselves and our families and everybody else. Sheriff Withrow says He's very fortunate that the virus didn't progress and feels blessed that no one in his family has shown symptoms of the novel Corona virus. 505 new this afternoon..

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