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Once you made the decision that you couldn't afford a roll a dice, bookkeeping you thought you were going to lose them for free agency and then you see some of them. Where was he made for? You know, he traded Brandon Workman and he Hembree at the deadline last year and both those guys have done absolutely nothing since they left and he got Nick pivetta off Connor C bolt is a prospect. The righty Prospect of preventa has been probably their their best pitcher so far this year. Biggest surprise? I mean it's about, yeah, tremendous surprise because this game it under Jeep for years in Philadelphia and he was the quintessential guy, maybe just needed a change of scenery and he's really brought into the Red Sox brought brought into their pitching philosophy and you know it looks like a great trade in the funny thing is now they have work went back and their minor league system after the the Cubs released him. So now now maybe even get work revash, he traded off. You know, basically this trade was was a huge home run. No matter what happens from here and some of the movie, you know, you got Garrett Richards, this offseason. He had a rocky start. His first floor start, he's been dead. On ever since they see why they made that move. Kiki Hernandez. Sign him as a free agent. You kind of see what the energy. He brings on a daily basis. Hunter Renfrow, offensive and inconsistent employers with 50 fences right there. I mean, he's yeah. Well, he, he was filling huge shoes defensively for jbj and, you know, I had a chance here in Cincinnati to see some of the national wage action jbj. Just came through Cincinnati over the weekend and he can still track the ball better than any center fielder I've ever seen. So Renfro to be able to come into those shoes in Boston and, and play the way he has defensively. He's just been a huge boost. Yeah. And, you know, tracks right field or Fenway is different to offer. You need a, you know somebody who's a center fielder caliber to cover all that ground. He's done a great job, not just with the range but his arm is just impressive. I didn't know he had that good of an arm. So you know, that was another thing. That's you paid, 3 million dollars for this guy. So he's he stood Pine Bloom did some bargain shopping and you know it's it's paid dividends already even marching Perez the Box rotation you know a lot of people thought they were going to pick up his six point. I think was a 6.75 million dollar option at the end of the year, they declined that option then re-signed him for for milk. Got about a 3 and 1/2 years right now. So he's just made some shrewd moves here and he's just kind of you know this isn't as he put it in the offseason, this isn't a go-for-broke here for the Red Sox. This is a year to sort of rebuild the foundation adds depth both to the minor league system. A little bit. If you can try to compete at the major league level at the same time and they've done that. Do I think this team is going to win the World Series? You know, I don't think so but they're going to be competitive which is all you can really ask for especially after last year the bats have to stay hottie. And, I mean, as good as they have been and, you know, they're right at the top of the Major Leagues with. I believe after Sunday's actions, 65, or Runs how about this stat? And, you know, I love the work that the Red Sox PR does in compiling these. And this props out to Justin long big, Justin long way off the Red Sox are out, homering their opponents, 63 to 34 + 29. That's the largest difference in MLB..

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