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Arats and get a keep it puts a move i don't know very close very close i think he might have gotten it he only needed about the length of a football now the far side judge looked like he gave him the spot so they they they sorted out think themselves instead of giving it to knowledge is guaranteed first down i would imagine quarterback keep said he needed about twelve inches anybody got fourteen panetta said up goal tonight they they were planning on giving a tool which they up renault crashed on knowledge year to me pool of act lou reed option pulled it back and picked up the first down himself by the way luena the my knowledge is eligible again balmy me once shame on you garretson keeps it right side touchdown that was a well executed drive trick lays an and some straight ahead running from law carrots and finishes at off with a lotta misdirection on a negative side the twenty they get the linebackers little confused pierre to keeps it cuts it back in dives over the goal line for of oregon state touchdown it may have believe xu keiron for the extra point it is up and through so oregon state answers you stand for fear well with an impressive touchdown drive his bryce love getting heisman pets by not playing without him stanford not very effective offensively certainly most valuable player votes time out on the field five 52 to go and a.

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