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I'm Robin young. I'm Jeremy Hobson it's here. And now. Coming up the final stretch before the midterms is President Trump's shifting his focus to just holding under control of the Senate. Also, one of the races will be looking at is the unusual competition for governor of Alaska where the incumbent suddenly dropped out. There isn't a lot of precedence for having an incumbent governor name on the ballot and then not campaigning and voters around the country will be casting their ballots on married of policy questions everything from gerrymandering to nursing staff levels. But is that such a good idea? Should there be some protections involved? And should there be some more criteria that prevent any sort of manipulating of the voters coming up here? And now. The news is I. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. Federal prosecutors are upping the number of charges filed against the alleged gunman behind Saturday's mass shooting at a synagogue in. Pittsburgh a grand jury has decided to indict the suspect on forty four counts up from twenty nine according to a filing in federal court in Pittsburgh eleven people were killed over the weekend. Today. The city is holding a second day of funerals a day after visiting Pittsburgh President Donald Trump hits back to the campaign trail ahead of next week's midterms NPR's Windsor. Johnston says Trump will be in Florida later today. Trump is scheduled to hold a leading campaign events in the days leading up to the midterms today. Ho rally supporters in heavily Republican Lee county, along Florida's Gulf Coast. There. He's expected to make a last minute push for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rhonda Santa's and US Senate candidate. Rick Scott, Trump will also make campaign stops this week in Montana. Indiana and Missouri NPR's Windsor Johnston reporting in Georgia. A federal court is reaffirming a previous order aimed at preventing Shum absentee ballots from being rejected Georgia public broadcasting. Stephen Fowler has the latest update on the ongoing legal wrangling leading up to next week's midterms last week. A judge said absentee mail in ballots with signatures that don't match what's on file shouldn't be rejected. Instead, the ballot becomes provisional and voters have until the Friday after election day to fix it. The secretary of state's office had asked for a stay while the court order is appealed. But now the federal judge has said no ruling that the public interest is served by having these ballots cast and counted there are currently several lawsuits challenging aspects of Georgia's election systems. Polls are showing a tight gubernatorial race with Georgia Democrats looking to elect the country's first ever black female governor for NPR news. I'm Stephen Fowler. And Atlanta Russia's space agency says a faulty sensor is why rocket failed during launch causing the two crew members aboard to make an emergency landing. NPR's? Lucian Kim reports from Moscow Russian officials hope the next piloted launch will take place in December after NASA. Retired the space shuttle in twenty eleven Russian Soyuz rockets have been the only way to get people to the international space station on October eleventh us rocket failed two minutes after liftoff forcing the American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts aboard to abort mission and dropped safely to earth from three. Thirty miles into the atmosphere. Sergei creek eleo for Russia's space agency told reporters an investigation determined a defective sensor at caused the accident. Curricula said the next piloted mission may take place on December third followed by the return of the crew currently at the international space station before Christmas Hussein Kim NPR news Moscow. The NASDAQ is up more than two and a half percent at seventy three forty two. The Dow's up one and a half percent. The p's up one point seven percent. This is NPR news from K Q news. I'm Tiffany can high politically the bay area is a blue bubble with progressive values. But when it comes to racial diversity, a new study found most of us continue to live and largely segregated neighborhoods k- Kiwi, dis Monica Somalia reports, researchers at UC Berkeley Haas institute are looking closely at residential segregation in the bay area. Overall, the bays diverse, but that diversity masks, plenty of racial isolation. Take oakland. It's one of the most diverse yet. Also, one of the most segregated cities and that plays out in lack of opportunity for many Oakland public school students, according to Haas, Steven Mnuchin, and we know from decades of social science research the children who had racially segregated schools,.

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