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Wins the game thank rice thinking about fighter men now and he's so skinny he's spiderman so is tom holland well that's what i was thinking as tiny bite about fight skin all carry i never did get a chance to introduce you today well that's fine here he is hosting is now i don't want to i don't want to take credit for this one i don't want anything to do with this though oh way your hose it into your hearts the host of all those that was simple to thank you all right hang on the line to hang on the line and we'll tell you how to get those tickets to see vendors All right. There we go. Yeah. questions to specific very specific little yes when we said tobey maguire trivia this was taken quite literally was really hoping for like a great scott like great gatsby question or something in that would have been fun and entertaining right was she in the great gatsby I don't think I know anything about Toby Maguire, don't know his full name, but Toby Toby Jack McGuire. Tobias Vincent McGuire again. Very specific when we said, Tobey, Maguire trivia, all right? Okay. She's. All right. got to really look tobey maguire to know any of that traffic crash northbound beggar highway at twenty first south and frontage road on the right shoulder clearance at eight fifteen crash twenty twenty four th street at seven thirty west in ogden and weaver county that should be clear if it is eight fifteen as well everything else looks green and good green and thank you very much we've got boehner's round one coming up here the candidates boehner candidate number one just went where the map told us to go number two straight pride and number three a cat on the lawn not now city all right round one of your boehner's big boy news all coming up.

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