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Between President Biden and president Putin was direct and straightforward There was a lot of give and take There was no finger wagging but the president was crystal clear about where the United States stands on all of these issues The White House says mister Biden told Putin that the U.S. would pursue strong measures if Russia invades Ukraine mister Biden is said to have a call with Ukraine's president Thursday First you see him now you don't Mark Meadows Donald Trump's former chief of staff has ended his cooperation with the congressional committee investigating the January 6th assault at the U.S. capitol CBS's Zach Kodak on why Meadows had begun handing over documents to the committee last week but said on Tuesday that he would no longer sit for an interview because the committee planned to ask him for information that he claimed was protected by executive privilege To COVID-19 and doctor Anthony Fauci says it appears the oma cron variant is not as severe as the four other strains of the virus we've seen in the last two years Hospitals stay seems to be less and the use of supplemental oxygen needs to be less The World Health Organization meantime has cases of COVID are running two to three times higher among kids than the average population in some parts of Europe Europe remains the epicenter of the global pandemic and the epicenter of the epicenter its children the WHO's Hans kluger Notification rates have increased across all age groups with the highest rates currently observed in the 5 to 14 years age group That's one reason France for one is reintroducing social distancing and masks among its school children CBS News London Memorial's nationwide on this the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor On the 80th anniversary special ceremonies.

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