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Number one and number two. Oh my God but no I have seen it. We know Steve. Carell is a great example of number one on the call sheet and the tone is set because he's such a gracious decent human being and no one would dare step out of line and not that group would anyway. That was a pretty great ensemble on the office but I found myself being very protective of the crew. Like that's where I started using it. You know maybe they they're the messenger like the PA team and they'd get in trouble so I started then. I changed my language like tell them. Amy Asked so it was on me. How much longer till the scene is ready to the cameras light? You know whatever it was so I always framed by myself and try to give them lots of food and candy when in doubt at them. Free Shit and food. This is the secret to anybody's heart. Yeah I've found in my without naming names. Is there a worst example of someone? That's like the top down. Set The wrong vibe L. Michael Anderson and you say Oh that's Michael many. I know a secret as to you back. I've said this before. One of my favorite things I used to do my artwork junket kind of things and watch other journalists like leave a room that had just interviewed Michael Shannon. Because he's one of those actors that a lot of actors like especially being movie stars they go out of their way to ingratiate and like make someone feel comfortable. Michael relishes that can scare the shit out of somebody just missed this aura..

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