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Fire and mario let me tell you where i was in two thousand one walking out of fear i was jazz by the music i knew the action was good but i walked out of that theatregoing there's some plod holes that lara croft could just jumper motorcycle threw in this film but it was twenty oon i wanted to be a game designer i had actually interviewed at never soft they flew me out to la it was the company that made tony hawk pro skater and the spiderman game for playstation i was just into video games in general and walking out of this movie i forgave it of its many sins and i just loved angelina so much that i've ended up decorating my house in video game stuff at a lot of star wars stuff but i also had dr blow and i had some metal figures from command and conquer and i had to raider statues there were actionfigure figure ram was we'd have laura kroft versus a tiger and they were all from the game they work from the movie but i had like eight of these dioramas that were put out that stood like eighteen inches tall and we're all laura croft i didn't like the games that much but i like video games and i liked this movie enough to go colette stuff from it now i'm more lax with video game playing i'm just not in that mode i pretty quickly sold off all my moorcroft stuff i don't remember that phase was i invited over the time marjorie and i ended up having a long conversation about my spending of money and that i could be the guy who collects a whole bunch of crap our could be the guy who collects one thing really well and focus on star wars so okay well gutter marjorie i don't feel like this movie deserves to have statutes dominici oscars or home toe.

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