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More than eight and a half years have passed since the end of the civil war in sri lanka rights groups say tens of thousands of tamil civilians were killed in the final stages of the conflict between security forces and tamil tiger rebels known as the ltte the sri lankan military is accused of carrying out atrocities against the tamil population speaking to bbc the current army commander general meherzan senna jaca said his forces were ready to investigate the charges if there's any credible evidence as south asia eta and batasuna thijan reports the scoffs of the ethnic conflict still haunt salunke earlier this year the un criticized to colombo for slow progress in addressing warcrimes on past human rights abuses and said the international community was running out of patience the sri lankan army chief market senanayake told me that the outside world hadn't recognized that efforts to reintegrate thousands of tamil tiger rebels who surrendered after the war you have to see what really happened there more than three hundred thousand people gay men join us same blamed thirteen thousand plus at t kes cut his surrendered and we have rehabilitated and reintegrated them back to the society why do not people talk about those are not on to say that you're done it and i want to call it a number of family members of those tamil tigers they're accusing the government that were taken while they were coming out of the area they've never heard anything about them that is one group of people only is that they face had 30000 on a sixty nine who surrendered would he exited and they won back so what do the number that people talk about saying that parmalee say that he worked while here's lay they were they were there but we really only and police the number of force conflict assistance we are given the than these you can't just combed that the repeated denials by the sri lankan authorities how fei to satisfy the international community and the tamil pop.

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