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Luke Scofield's championships ready been turned on its head over the last few as matings Samya Monson Israeli taking control of this championship will give you all the parents. Asians are over the course of this eight lot race. But well, this particular race Goto than a miss to Syria number twelve, even Bri on second place. What else way may well decide? Let us know in the comments. Belie hey, you think is going to have success head this as row nights, all the two thousand eighteen championship. Final round of the championship, the AC faulty rookies valley starting to build up the web's on the grades, the nerves probably building equal amounts the marshals. They moved to the science of the grade IV on satisfied that the bikes are in fine working on it. And as they try to get the clutch will be biting points towards the start line moss show with the green flag. But of course it as when the green flag goes up as it does now is when it goes down, there's no creeping so everyone gets away cleanly. Enter all ceremony for the first time is very tight. Run these rookies of done it once before they seize inherits to dare it again. And I very tentative through the first few cone as intense two and three for the first time out of the two so fun. I ready broken away a couple of machine, nighttime county making a decent starts while, but around the outside Ruben bright, trying to make. Yvonne Samuel Munson months, and China defend its old five second place Samuel months. And then you didn't at that moment in time. It would be championship two Samuel months, enhance today months lead in the way ahead of here is that in second place, not say not one befall, but what that won't out and moment blue by dropped down to place on our down. Gorani odds have gone down. Pile up at turns seven one roddenbury's Jospin hope it's up. Now the write up back on his buffalo on we come. Samuel Munson leads even bright on a spinning where it's been where the supplies package. All I believe on that Charlie cut as for these for these comfort Charlie hunting, but his. Who has had a good first lap Tony leading this first released until the second Shali hunting, but has got an advantage over some Uelmen said, as they come to Charlie hunting ahead of Samuel Monson women Easter, then he's not Henny Makoni in face, got ten Wheeler at the front of this great unholiday has gone down only home that show second place in a championship is a complete design. Turn them four one on the one of the apex five us called sorry, many accidents this weekend on my good this, the championship that only hone has made a massive, not as cost him surely of his chance to champion the next class. Now, unless of course, is a mistake out front four Samya months. Tehran day. A one of these are stop. It's a five bike fight for the lead right now. That's why I think is the most incredible thing as all of them go into the first corner, they're all get through completely safely caliber. I've thought to say the how Cosa our the fund is certainly going to dissolve if they don't Soules it out. I will be was only on the black stuff not on the grainstuff at the moment. I Samuel months and they Charlie hunting the nets. Get enough for the championship at the moment. Ruben Bryant's. Our even Brady's off Ruben Brian crashed out third-place ribbon. Brian offi gathers not as nother, big blood. I still third placement in championship now, so hadn't McCartney full slice. He is seventy coins behind in this championship. He is not going to be able to win it last out in the moment. Samuel Munson. Everything govern his. Why from? Wow, Siamensis gotta white confidence. But as going his way out of fun tastic first season racing hair, it's cool five ready to have some among any site. Well, women zero point two, five, nine..

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