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Pizzas Doni, Pete, welcome back. Always good to be with you. Mike. Looking forward to talking about a great week in and Darlington looking ahead, Indianapolis, it was a fantastic weekend over the weekend at Darlington. Raceway throwback paint schemes, throwback weekend, expanded these Series Cup series teams racing on nascar's oldest superspeedway. I'm my opinion. Now that was a winning recipe from day one. Since we rolled onto the property last weekend. It really was, you know, and I think that whole throwback weekend with the track is done with NASCAR has done with it. It hasn't eroded away interest. I can tell you that we have all the paints and they're still at dot com. You wanna take a look. A lot of people came to look at those saints keys with appreciate. But I think once we got what once we got beyond that and the history of attack and and ask, are Mike get down to the racing. And can decide that the racing on Saturday and the series racing on Sunday, the bojangles southern five hundred. We're was very good. We had two different stories. We had different circumstances. We had all those things that I think fans like interface where you didn't really know the outcome of how racist we're going to turn out to the very end. And I think that was the case, both Saturday and Sunday. Well, let's start with Saturday sport clips. Haircuts BMW, two hundred one by Brad Keselowski. His first ever win at Darlington. Raceway that win was aided by contact and a crash between drivers fighting for the lead in Ross. Chastain Kevin harming that certainly has that certainly it's got a lot of play amongst the conversational tones of the fan base now, hasn't it? Well, it has, you know, I guess, will you say bracket glossy works race, but as we say in the writing business were burying the lead there. You did win the race, but really the story was what happened prior to, as you said, what transpired between Kevin Harvick and Ross Chastain racing for position with thirty five laps to go. They made contact Ross. Chastain then made some additional context Kevin Harvick and the fireworks went from there. And I think you know, in the case of what we're hearing from fans is that they, they wanted opportunity like Ross Chastain had with Chip Ganassi racing to come to fruition more often than having been able to have a chance to win the race. And I think a lot of people just don't like Cup drivers in the city says, we know that we've heard that loud and clear, but the flip side of that is Kevin Harvick was raising position there and he has every right to the in that race by the rules that are out there right now. And I just thought it was two guys going Harper position with..

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