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They're going to send the runner around. Third is gamble bottles. Wouldn't have had a play on JD Davis. Anyway, it's a two run game. As a metro sorrow busted his bat and delivers a run scoring single. That ends the day for Jerry Jeffers. Josh hater, then comes onto pitch. I battery faces pinch hitter Todd Frazier. He strikes out next hitter. Wilson ramos. He strikes out next Senator Jeff McNeil. Two strikes. Two outs. Haters pitch. Struck him out swinging hater comes in strikes out the side and strands of para Mets. Good stuff from hater. He comes back out in the ninth inning. Stop me. If you've heard this one before I battery phases, Pete, Lonzo, let's say it altogether. He strikes him out. Secondary faces Robinson canal. Yeah. He strikes him out. And then on the upset of the night. Michael Conforto, come to the plate makes contact ground. Ball base themes has it on the back. Cam flips the hater covering he's there. The ball game is over and the brewers have taken the first two games from the Mets in New York City. Final score eight six they are now fifteen and thirteen two games above five hundred Mets dropped to five hundred at thirteen and thirteen the brewers eight runs fourteen hits one air. They leap nine the Mets. Six runs twelve. It's two years. They end up leaving seven winning pitcher, Brandon Woodruff. He's three and one Noah Syndergaard the loss. He's one in three to save goes to Josh hater his sixth with that. Savory. Remax donates. Another two. Hundred fifty dollars to children's miracle network Remax and children's miracle network..

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