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Nineteen our time here on Casio seven nineteen. Okay. So we had the big mega millions mega millions. The the question is. Did you play it? The other question is how much money did you put into the play? Lottery officials say someone one the one point six billion mega millions that someone is in South Carolina, which means which means we never may know, we may never know who they are. I love that. They get to stay anonymous. Yeah. Do you have any long lost ankles or anything like that in South Carolina? The question if I do I should probably try to figure that out shouldn't they well, the the point is we've talked about this. If if it were if it were me I'd go under the radar so fast. You have one hundred eighty days in most states, including South Carolina. You've got one hundred eighty days to claim your price. So that's half a year to get your act together. Go underground just get lawyer up. Get a great accountant and make sure that I I love the advice we received from a caller years ago. I've shared this before the program. But in case, you haven't heard it. And if you have is worth, a repeat, this caller check-in say he won a sizable amount of money and his attorney worked with him to write a letter to everybody and their brother that he knew tell you what ten thousand bucks don't ever talk to be about money investments nothing ever ever ever. Because if you do I will be able to sue you for that ten thousand dollars you're going to give it right back to be. So so he did that drew up the letters sent him out. And most of the people said, okay. Thank you very much. Cool. Great which tells me he won a sizable amount of money. Right. But then he invested a properly, and he was doing good a lot of people just they they pay through at no time flat. They run right through it. No time flat. So you've got that one point six billion dollar prize the way it works is the cash value. So let's say you don't take the annuity. You say I want the cash upfront which most people do nine hundred thirteen million dollars. That's a good amount of money. Day thirteen million. We were talking about this at the top of the show because this was this a big story. So those of you who are with us in the five o'clock hour, you probably heard us say this. Now, you've been ruminating on this. I think for most people this be a curse this would not be a blessing nine hundred thirteen million dollars. This will wreck your life so fast. You won't know what hit you your life will be worse off than before. But it might be fun. Getting there. Kind of a chance I'm willing to take. I'd like to try. That's what he says. Right. It's like all the people that go into professional sports, and they just make millions right off the bat, then their lives in shambles. Just a few years later falling apart. You would have been better off just to go to college and get your degree and become a, you know, a something right? Yeah. Or don't go to college. And just eight drive a truck for a living is pretty darn good job. And you know. Yeah. You'll make a living go see the country. Go see the country. Right. You can do all that more mega millions. So this one grew so large because they didn't nearly three months since a player had matched all six numbers and one of the top price. I I learned there was a place in San Francisco. They had somebody had five five of the numbers at the Safeway, Safeway. And the guy the guy who got the five numbers actually worked at that. Safeway and picked up a ticket on his way out. Oh my gosh. There was another one last night that got five out of six last night. Yeah. Last night. There was a fight. That's yeah. Yeah. That was the one. I was thinking about so it's interesting so much attention on the mega millions. But everybody forgets we also have Powerball. So the Powerball drawing is tonight that's six hundred twenty million. Cash prize at three fifty four you take your picks. So one point six million dollars. Now, I don't know if this person's come forward or not I can't find any news. On that. But somebody wanted I mean, the winning tickets out there somewhere some where I always loved those stories where it's the guy who finds the ticket. And you know, the dryer and finds out he won like thirty days later. I kind of hope that happens. What a nice surprise. So your odds of winning last night where one in three hundred two million. Your odds of winning tonight's Powerball a better, it's one and two hundred twenty two hundred ninety two million. Oh, that's good. Oh, yeah. So you're saying there's a chance. So let's see here. I'm looking at this story in terms of winning the like, what are you far more likely to do? Okay. Let's just say you're trying for the mega millions or you were trying for the Powerball tonight. What are you far more likely to fall into have done to you a cetera? You have a better chance of getting murdered in the Grand Canyon. And that rarely happens. Okay. Thirty five times more likely than winning the jackpot Julius. I'm not talking about falling and getting hurt and died. I'm talking about getting murders in Grand Canyon at a place where the bad guys, hang out, usually. All right. Well, stay away from the Grand Canyon or taking off the list. You have a greater chance of having Polly actally. What's that extra toes are extra fingers? All these people with extra toes next her finger like damn it should have played the lottery. Right. Come on. Have you ever seen somebody with it? I mean, a real extra just little. No. But I'm talking about a real figure that fell as freaky. I've never seen that it's on the internet. You can look up Google are. Okay. You have a better chance of suffocating in bed. As an adult. It's like choking on your pillow. Yeah. Basically. Yeah. All right. That doesn't have. It's that is a one in four thousand four hundred forty nine chance if you pay for that if that happens as an adult, that's that's a special skill that you have. Suspecting a new board your odds of natural having five kids instead of one is one in fifty five million keep Octo mom the hell away from the lottery is five times more likely than hitting the jackpot. Or? You would think that this would be a big bigger. But it's not you have a one in three hundred forty thousand chance of getting killed by fireworks. Oh, I would think that that that happens probably all the time. In San Jose. The other day we use of pyrotechnics to celebrate the winning lottery. Please know that your your odds of dying from those fireworks are actually greater than hitting the jackpot careful. Yeah. He really really careful. The mega millions one point six million dollar one point six billion dollar ticket sold in South Carolina. We're still looking to see who am I what might be seven twenty six is our time right down case if oh four one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred is the phone number news, traffic weather next. Producer.

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