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In your head honestly i dunno i think in this was again just basic information that was going to be possible there i didn't know these guys while enough to understand that if this telling manager from this universe you'll had this kind of thing so i wanted to hear now in play it out and see what happens but you know people kennedy had you all the time with this the dow the interesting thing now he didn't really get that is that someone when russia's information and wants to me where now asylum not not to have gone off in his head but he did throw up one defense he brought along paul manafort and jared kushner now the interesting question is what if this lady lawyer had brought along thirty three thousand hillary clinton emails what do you do then that's the interesting in question because what you do then is give them to the fbi and and you absolutely do not make copies of them though you might make copies of okay do you follow me let me grab so we do not make copy because you bend the fbi are going to ask you did you make copies and if the if these say yes they're going to ask for though that if you don't give them over your obstructing justice of you say no you've lied to the fbi so you've got to actually get david kendall and all from the clinton legal team at that point because then your word and have to answer any question you give them beer lawyer and say take care make sure they get to the fbi and do every other appropriate step that's what you do that's what lawyers exist for there was you know i i think manafort may be a lawyer i don't know but they did not they have a lawyer in the room on mr goodness people i learned i took antitrust and 1982 that i remember nothing of uh coupes professor coop cooper very famous antitrust lawyer i remember nothing of it didn't practice antitrust law for a day except our remember one thing if you're in a room where someone is about to violate there i trust laws by fixing prices.

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