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Oh wrestlemainia is what we cover around here instead of the masters and so we go out to mean jean oakland the legendary voice and face for so many wrestling things it was a fun wrestlemainia weekend and also got that under the giant documentary is coming out tomorrow as hbo doing that tomorrow tomorrow night on hbo oh what thank you mean gene it's good to hear from you again what what are you looking forward to in that documentary when you you're in the documentary when you were talked to what other kinds of things you talked about totally forget no talking about andrea course in his his story pass which has been welldocumented but i'm looking forward to the guys that have seen this this document ary say it is lights out so it must be they'll mean g like i'm trying to think of we talked to you last time you're wrong with us about greatest wrestlers ever but if we were do you know if we were most interesting lives you saw espn just did a thirty for thirty with ric flair if i asked you for most interesting life that you've chronicled in wrestling who do you think is the most interesting story because it's got to be pretty close to andre the giant well totally a different path for both of those gentlemen andrei i think took the high road richly probably was all over the place i'm taking a look at the time spooky not to interrupt you guys by the way jonathan coachman did say hi love of god i think i think that's what he said anyway.

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