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Broadcasting network. As. You'd also put over from being the lead that. Mr Brody leaves just the greatest. Hits Number One. And the other thing that was good with the beginning of the. Very. Very beginning. There in Promo class, they call it. which is preposterous because they don't have a promo class but. Eddie. Kingston. The hot seat and they give them a cookie and they wanted to cut a promo on the cookie. and. I was just blown away not because it was like. A great promo or anything like that. But any Kingston. Has a way of speaking a delivery his so compelling Patna is like he ll. He's one of member when when the rock would like do these promos and people would say the rock could read the phone book and people would listen. I am pretty sure that Eddie Eddie Kingston's one of those guys. Like he could sit on national television the middle of the ring and read a phone book and like they wouldn't lose viewers he such a compelling speaker. So that was really good as well as he did that last week if anybody else was trying to keep that group together for as long as that angle went with Pentagon in Phoenix and butcher in blade I would not have worked him. He's the glue. He's going to be the glue to a lot of stuff that he's in because he is just good with that microphone. Thank God. He's actually getting his you know bouquet roses at this point because it would have been criminal if he went his entire career without it. Person says with Mercedes and makes zero sense. She debuted recently an annex t and then just called up before any sort of run. Well, listen we told you. We told you retribution I debuted. That right now, they're just people under hoods and they have not decided who is going to be in the group yet. And every week it was somebody different. And the reality. was I mean at the time.

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