Bolivia, President Trump, Carrie Washington discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


L obvious love interest i thought bolivia's love interest was the president well that was the first couple of seasons though i don't know oh i didn't know that so been getting some work he got to do season carrie washington got to do a lot with kerry man that's he's the best all right you take a break here for weather and traffic and then more weird food habits and shopping jealous has got him so jealous of scott fully make out with keri russell and he might favorite carey's he got to make out with my two favorite carey's hi i'm keri russell and i love knick's radio show i know you do baby all right by the way you don't watch the americans no i don't the finale was amazing that's what i hear so good keri russell was on a jimmy kimmel you talk about the big finale and they played this bit called did you kill him or not did you kill this person or not i don't remember let's see killed so many people on this show she remembered a few of them but she got many wrong she got many of them wrong no i didn't kill him yesterday fantastic okay the.

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