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Tom Brady has more, but I I know that you could bring in the Yogi Bear is for sure. We love Yogi. Bill Russell, for sure they've got They literally have more hardware. But you know, not to say that it was easier for Russell, but it was a different time. Excuse me easier to dominate the sport. Fewer teams for less athletic, you know, staying with Yogi Berra. They had the best team by foreign baseballs, and he was a part of it, But I mean, when you're the quarterback in the NFL and you win And you win for very degrees, but obviously the high degrees for for 19 years, right? And everybody asked. The question over and over is that the coaches of the quarterback is that the system is the quarterback. Is it accommodate? What? What is it? And the first year that you play away from the franchise that we always love that question together in Their quarterback was the worst in football right? They've had the worst season they've had in in two plus decades, and the team that Brady goes to wins the Super Bowl. Yeah, it's it's crazy. What this guy does. It is, but it's also stopped fighting here. Here's here's a contrary view, not contrary, but it's just a different a tangent. By the view because I mentioned Jason Light. He's their general manager and think about the team that he put together. I mean, he drafted so well. Devon White who we've raved about this entire postseason, really his entire young career at this point, Winfield junior who got into a trash talking patch with Tyree kill thought up the peace sign because that's what diary killed them three times. Back in back in early November. You think about the free agents that he brought in? He traded for J. P. P Shack. Barrett, who nobody knew about hey, was able to get Tom Brady and drunk and a B But all of this talent there goes to you know, goes to the document of the head coach who expressed what he wanted and the general manager who went and got him. Now, I've said this many times and I've come to believe in this whole heartedly. You gotta have you got to have a hollow fame quarterback If you want to win a Super Bowl in some ways, doesn't it feel like because he did such a great job brick building this team Jason Light. That Tom Brady coming coming here after because he built the team that any good quarterback would want to go to, right? Yes, it doesn't feel like this is almost Tom Brady going the way of super teams in the embassy, Because think about that talent right? The talent on this bucket Buccaneers team is exceptional. I mean, if Mike Evans keeps playing the way he's playing, he's gonna be a Hall of Famer. Gronk Hall of Famer Antonio Brown. We've had this conversation Hall of Famer. You look on the defensive side of the ball with J P P. Who's got two chimneys in the Hall of Famer, but he's got two championships. He's not lost in the postseason, obviously, at 11 year with the New York Giants, and now this season a shack Barrett Levante, David is a ton of like stud players on this team. Just go at Tom Brady, and that just makes it the super team. In a sense, it took them time to gel but at the end of the day, and especially after watching what they did in the postseason, beating The Washington football team, but then in succession and and on the road on the road, exactly on on the road, but all of them on the road, But we had to dismiss the Washington technically, not on the road last night, but still but and I know where you're going with the quarterbacks. I'll certainly let you get the reason I really insert the Washington thing is because it's easy to say yes, but it was still on the road is still on the road. You're right. And so you go be Drew Brees. And you go be Aaron Rodgers. And you go Pat Mahomes, all of whom were Super Bowl MVPs and first time that's ever happened and they scored, 30 points a game. Every game, and by the way, the bucks could have scored 40. They just took their foot off that yes, and they got stopped one inch away from seven more points. That's exactly right. Scored 40 plus that they like both predicted that they would, and that's just the marvel. It's a marvel when you look at this team, and so it zero. In retrospect, we look back on it, and it's almost like Of course, they won the Super Bowl because they have the best team in football from a skill position side. I mean, dominant, Sue on the defense of Lila. You talk about him that much, even though he did have that one hit late on Pat Mahomes. This team is they're just good. Yeah, and we just didn't want to admit it because they had some struggles. But with Tom Brady at the helm, they rose to the top really, really quickly and really, really easy. Well, listen, it's it's challenging to Yeah, I'll just speak for myself on this. It's challenging to Not now. I mean, today you just dole out the platitudes. And by the way, this isn't like you know, here we are coming late to the party. If you're taking, I both picked with great conviction that the Bucks would win the Super Bowl. Not in September, but going into this game, so we weren't surprised by the results. Surprised? Kansas City didn't score a touchdown. Of course, everybody that watches and any amount of football. Nobody saw that coming. By the way, I should let you know we'll get to all the officiating stuff. Next segment. There's a lot to unpack there. I think there's some erroneous, you know, sloppy, lazy takes out somewhere on the money really flush through that and in its entirety next segment, But we wanted to kind of cherry pick some of the some of the obvious stuff here. I do think that Tom Brady was incredibly selective. I think I know, we know incredibly selective. Where can I go with pretty decent online? Uh, even though we got hit more this year than he did with the past, But that's because they were throwing the ball down the field more, and that's an extra two seconds in the pocket. You're gonna get hit a little bit more. Pretty good running game. We know about their weapons vertically. Great. I mean, Godwin's oversaw free agent. You got to retain him. But Evans is Evans is the whole the favor. By the way. At this rate, Michael let Mike Evans is gonna be a hold of Famer. So all the weaponry, the coaching the the inner structure of the franchise. Which is you properly point out has been good. Has been slowly built. Do I think another quarterback could have, you know, gotten them to 11 wins and flip this or 10 or 11? Or maybe even 12? Maybe, and other regular season when more than Brady Maybe, you know, not not Philip Rivers like the quarterbacks that were available. Maybe, but whomever you brought in right? You were beating those quarterbacks in succession. It takes one person with that mental aptitude and fortitude and physical resilience and the ability to admit To omit confidence to project that, like in an unwavering projection into the locker room that's never won anything. They've been losers for a couple of years. Not you know what I mean? Not Luke. But losers in the football win loss record losers. This guy shows up and I don't believe there's another quarterback in football that was available or could have been made available. That would have done that for the Tampa Bay. But as good as they built the team of the GM, you're right. They're not winning anything of Tom Brady's not quarterback. And last night, he know he knows how to get these guys to win. And he knows I didn't help him keep their composure and we see it because that at the end of the day when I look back on, like, what's the big picture that I see when I just like? Snap shot my eyes of at that game, It's the Bucks had composure. And they didn't panic and the Chiefs didn't have composure. They were sloppy. They made they were made a lot of the stakes, even their great, vaunted great young player and Pat Mahomes looked like He was on a wing and a prayer half the time, you know, scrambling around.

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