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Had to say hell no not in my town I can't afford urges unity white black red yellow gay, straight trans queer has, lost their life oppression, in this world only about two dozen white nationalist showed up police confronted counter protesters who hurled bottles and other objects at. Officers authorities have kept the two groups separate and the mostly peaceful, demonstrations police presence is heavy AP herald NBC News Radio It could be several more days before we know who won a closely watched GOP primary last Tuesday one hundred ten votes out of, three hundred thirteen thousand that's the margin between first and second place. In the count of? Votes in the. Republican primary for governor of Kansas the election is. Really razor-thin the secretary of state Chris co BAC holds that narrow lead over the current governor Jeff Collier we, wanna make sure the laws followed. And everybody who has voted that they get their vote count it all mail in. Ballots have been counted but, there are still some nine thousand. Provisional, ballots to be tallied so who will win Kovac doesn't know it could go. Either way the deadline to. Finish, the count is August. Twentieth and the candidates have, until next, Friday, to, request, a. Recount. Hank weinbloom Fox News multiple earthquakes hit northern Alaska today the US Geological Survey says the magnitude six earthquake hit near the city of CAC Tova on Alaska's North. Slope a little more than six hours earlier as six point four, quake struck the region. About three, hundred miles, north East Fairbanks shark week silver but movie.

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