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I think you could I sir, one of the leaders to get Aaron Rodgers, he said. You wanted to go there Vegas by the nature of where they're from. You could see them loading up and gambling. So I would I would pick them is the favorite if Aaron Rodgers actually gets traded. What's your notes of 50 50 proposition? You will pick the Raiders over Kansas City. Well, Kansas City as a quarterback, so they're not gonna give up the window. You're the favorite to get in the Raptor. Or they could be the favorites to win it all. No Raiders are the favorite president. A run? Yeah. Well, it is And if that happens, it's instant success for the Raiders for a couple years, But no one knowing my luck recently in a big they'll be going to Denver Broncos. So that's what will happen. But I die GREss Jamie wants your favorite draft day memory back in the 1,988,000 in the spring late 88 1988. What was your favorite? Draft day memories. Just here in my name, JJ. That was probably it. You know, because I waited a while and I had to hear it. And that was probably the best thing that happened because it was over and you have to wait for it anymore. Did you get a call from that older brother of yours telling you that he's gonna kick your butt twice a year. Back then. No, I we talked later. I didn't really talk to Joe. Uh, we talked later on and I went to. I had to do his camp anyway, so I had to go to New Jersey and do ah football camp for I told you. I heard Amanda's CBS Morning Show last Wednesday. He didn't you, John? You know once you might, even though he's a Syracuse orange man you might want to have on my meeting. So Radio stations. You know, we can't get your old teammate number four on there. Maybe we should get that your brother on there and talk about something that the fans would be interested. I know, at least for myself and probably Philly. That would be too bad good memories. And we would like to hear from John Morris because Jenny he equated himself play well on the field, and I would love to hear you, Joe on a number of times that says we can't get floor JJ. I'm sorry. Who says we can't get four grand? JJ. Oh, you promised me Mike bottom. I got Mike bottom. I just haven't. I haven't called them yet. I forgot. I honestly forgot. I'll call him I will call him this week. Okay, Mom, You know that's radio for two for some people, but I would like me to do least thank him personally for the job he did doing due to do the covert. How the hell they pulled off that big can win in the men's I've never known. Especially doing in Olympic here, but I'll leave that for another show. Could you do me a favor that day? You are going to have a mom. We're job. Got me a little words like you make sure that I stopped whatever project I do, and be able to listen to the radio that day. I will take you around the summer Olympics. So then we can, you know, spend it into some actual, You know, Olympic swim talk. You know that? That is a brilliant Dennis. We don't win or chicken. Get him for that. And maybe you could ask my mind about the time he need the Olympic team and never got to go because of the boycott. Talk to him about his brother Joel, the first man ever to break 20. Seconds in the 53 Alright, we bored enough time. Maybe you can get somebody out better or somebody else You have to say not ticket at the end globules. Let's go to Mustafa. What's that, Mustafa? Jenny. Nothing much. What's going on with you? What do you do in time into the people not to voice an opinion. I'm not intimidating anyone. You could say what you want to say. You just don't come at me and tell me how I feel and how I am. Okay. If you like You like Mustafa, You just don't come at me. You want to tell me how you feel? I let everybody talk. But don't tell me that I should feel and how I how I approach games, okay? And then we were friends. I got before Eric. He He never mentioned any play every time he called. I love you because every time he calls He going? I mean, he always goes after the question. Stop, You know, harbor and then and them, But he never talked about any any flare ever. And you know what I mean? So Don't have Ah, you know, to come back to reality. I don't have NFL team per se. The line did pretty good. I mean, they got a bunch of people that you gotta stand few months town learned their names. How do you see the hospital? How say their names? So the only football team they got played You like a fish from the mother. So I mean, yeah. Good, good. You have the stuff. I'm gonna wait a couple years to see if those guys were any good before I started trying to pronounce their names. Yeah, Rabbit. Good luck with that. I mean, Zoe put it tough, but only football team. I care about that Michigan and they did pretty well. I mean, you got 7 18 drafted. It's uh Just good inside. Sad because this team always has talent. How can you put 78 plays into the NFL? And you know, I mean and and and and and and and even get him to perform here. Why they here? Dodi. Get up that that time Gabby talk about between us and Ohio State anybody else? I'm not even exist. Woman stuff up for you. One more right? I'm with you on the mixed emotions like and I know it was an off year. But you know, every time is like, you know, he he hadn't played two years for Michigan. Nico Collins is like, I think like the greatest Wolverine The and and he'll have a fine pro career, but he didn't do a whole heck of a lot on the field for Michigan. I like up and everything but you know, this was gonna be his breakout year. He was just around there with all this other great talent, and I I wrote for him. I like him. It's just that You know, it was an odd feeling. It's like, Yeah. Emery. Hey, Deco. Whoa! It's about it. And then you tell one of your friends don't want to have the privilege toe ask questions when they have a chance. You know it started. You know hard rocks. Then they explained to us. How that kid.

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