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Going to rural um and so what's frustrating about their democratic politician no oh what they're doing is wrong they know that there are on the wrong five of the law but they abusing their power and forcing us to go into a court to get a judge to force them to do their darn job and to follow the law it's frustrating they take because they think their bulletproof that no matter what they do or what happens they're not losing their jobs even if if you win all the court cases even if the tax gets rolled back even if josh newman gets recalled everybody else is still going to have their job so they don't care i i will say this that when we get there from about in 2018 fried benefit of it is that a bunch of politicians running for reelection who voted for this crap tram election the beginning who oppose the repeal i think they're actually gonna end up losing some of the close races this actually cloudy structure tax on the ballot could be the tipping point in two three four five assembly rate in two or three state senate races but there's a lane wide open for candidates to take issues like these and use them as a club against the these these far less democrats and all their abuse of this i hope whatever candidates are running against them a really energetic in are able to clearly explain what's going on however in my view is always van you know you get something invalid and you at individual candidates create are there tried to make a position and um you know these entrenched politicians wanted doubled down and defend the fact that they raise the car tax for draft actually the highest level of the country and if they constantly raise the fun man yeah sure stand before your voters where it with a straight face telling them that i think it's going to be really hurt these extreme democrats at the polls in which is why i'm even more excited about getting the and on the i got the stop the car tax right yes stop the contacts stopped the car tax dot org stop the car cac dot org debts to good when are we going to linked to thanks for coming on again brings guys have where we can tied called the miles our sister station.

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