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Inpatient care, outpatient care just to make sure that we're out there, um, and supporting them as we go through this next year of what knows what's going to happen. Breaking way. That's true. We way certainly don't know what's gonna happen next. Um, also joining us here in this part of the program is Bryan Hayes. Who is he, Um Public relations person at the end of ER. Excuse me, the Charles as Kettles Veterans Administration Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Um, Brian, can you can you tell us a little bit about some of the protocols and procedures that people have to go through to get into the hospital today? Well, you can just, you know, becoming eligible patients, and then you can transfer your healthcare over just like you did, Dale. I would recommend it. Yeah, I got said many times as an employee of the health care system. I'm also user healthcare system is a veteran myself. The Navy So it's actually you could just go right online P a dog of the bottom of the page, There's a big button, you can click to become eligible for health care to get your paperwork in. Do your 10 10 easy. That's the form you fill out. Tonto. Get health care. It goes to a team. It's routed to a team right in the hospital on day vet that and the next thing you know, you'll get a phone call to get an appointment Step. It really is just about that easy. And the home all of the medical programs, I guess and procedures and things are those still going on at the hospital. Yeah, what we're doing, I think just about as many face to face appointments, as we always have, for those that are needed, where we can convert something to virtual for safety reasons or really, sometimes just for the convenience of the patients. Sometimes it's a long drive. On. We can convert that appointment. The virtual we're trying to do the best we can. With that. We've grown in the thousands of percentages in that number as far as our virtual care. Of course, we're still seeing our patients on a day to day basis basis. So you know the one of the messages we like to get out is Look if you need care. Get it. Come get it. Don't postpone your care because you think Cove it is getting in the way if you need an appointment to see a doctor. We'll get you. Okay. And just make sure you wear a mask, making him your distance and wash your hands and they have 33. Www is right Where? Masked wash your hands and watch your watch your distance, All right. And they're going to take your temperature when you walk in any house, So don't be worried about that. Thanks for Ryan. We're talking with Bryan Hayes from the Charles kettles of the hospital here in Ann Arbor. And our our special guest has been the director of the local Via. And that's Doctor Jin increase Hman. Doctor Chrisman. Is there anything else that you would like to head? Before we go to break Um, only that, you know, we're just here. We're here. We're looking forward to providing services to our veterans. We're looking for different ways to do it. I'm just going to say, for example, I just signed tonight. Unexamined tive decision memorandum. S so that we can support food iniquities, right. So a lot of our veterans and other folks in our community are having limited resource is so we are actually going to be partner with food gatherers..

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