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News channel. Caravan of migrants continues to make its way north only now with the legal wrinkle. Some of the caravan suing President Trump saying their constitutional rights are being violated. The class action lawsuit was filed in federal court against President Trump the department of Justice and department of homeland security it was filed on behalf of six hundred migrants and their children who are part of the caravan now making its way toward the US border. The lawsuit is asking the court to declare the president's policies unconstitutional. Mr. Trump says undocumented migrants would be held at the border, and that asylum seekers would be blocked from claiming asylum if they're caught crossing the border anywhere, except for legal points of entry immigrant's rights activists argue that holding migrants intense violates to Flora's act, which dictates how long and in what conditions the federal government can detain children. Fox's Tracy Gallagher. Meanwhile, it will be more difficult to enter the US at least a lot of. Six-mile piece of the border. This is some of the first copper wire that's been put down twenty three miles over was brought in by the US military, and we're not sure how much of it. They're actually in her lay along the border. But this is now stretching between the two Hidalgo bridges here at the crossing near mcallen, Texas. And there's a reason why they chose this part of south, Texas, Eric to bring the first concertina wire and sense of the first troops on the ground. Because this is the busiest sector along the entire south west border for illegal crossings, according to the border patrol nearly twenty one thousand illegal alien Arash in October alone twenty one thousand in this area in October alone. One hundred thirteen percent increase over last year. And that's FOX's Tom Graham. The Democrats say it is an election year stunt, fourteen dead twenty-seven injured in a highway pile in.

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