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Darnold you think Sam Darnold. At the end that lasts twenty yards that Iran I think he was shocked he's like I'm son of a dandy. I'm still up here what's going on? Justin Simmons. Needs to get it together. Folks he wanted big time safety money. He hasn't been a big time safety in three games and then you with on Sam Darnold. tixx. Rough. We got the lobster on the line. All right bring him on lobster. What's on your mind? My friend Hi guys doing doing. Okay I'm. Glad they won. Oh, you're not the I was never. So relieved last night after that game was over with I. Don't even care that it was an awful game. I just WanNa lick our wounds here and get ready for a ten day break and hopefully we get some guys back. Well, you know I was glad I'll tell you what do you think one thing that really scared me was when the defense stopped him there when it was like third down into got intercepted. That was when they broke it for that touchdown. Yeah was like Oh no, here we go. You know I hear you man it was scary and I listened I know Brett Rippin is getting the he's getting the blame for those two picks but he he was on the practice squad a week and a half ago. He's an undrafted guy this is his first start heat. The offensive line didn't give up any sacks but he was pressured both of those picks late he was pressured they were in his face and you know again I stand by it this offensive line's got to be better put more pressure on them when you have a young guy like Brad rippin. Yeah but I'll tell you what I like the way he came through though he he's stuck in their honor power play sports poll question of the day. How would you grade? What grade would you give the broncos -fensive line through four games ABCD or ASS. What are they going to be less from last night? So based on four games collectively, you're going to give him a B. Yeah. Okay. Lawns through. That's that's generous. But you were a generous guy what's for lunch today? We gotta get. You ready for this. Okay okay. Okay, what's the? What's the grocery store but some spicy chicken tenders here the other day. I had to those and some tomatoes and some crackers and I'll tell you what it tastes..

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