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I really wanna do it someday. Maybe and it was kind of similar ish a little bit different themes so i love it so i'm like extra connected to this radio yes i cannot wait to check it out but it was kind of my take on it because we were all going to produce like different segments. My segment was kind of deep diving on movies and characters taking philosophies and things to it. I'm and maybe this is already happening in a similar or a little bit different way. I can't wait. I can't wait to check it out as say this is proof that people love it because yeah i don't remember how many he has but it's in the hundreds of thousands. Yeah and and people love it. I discovered it. Because you know pretty good suggesting things. Uh and i kept watching these different videos and at some point i put it together. They're all coming from the same channel. That takes a while so finally click. And you're like oh yeah that would yes. Yes because i kept saying l. s. of. Yeah oh out. Whatever and then i was like wait a minute. This is a really good gel ikea kind of love it when those moments happened. Because it's just like all of a sudden. The light bulb goes off. And the like whoa. Yeah oh that's everywhere kind of frequency illusion again. Yes but you know that happened with me. Ever tell you the story having me with ted people kept sending me these talks. And i'm like oh. These talks are so amazing. Like oh again. Like i didn't know what ted who's ted everybody kind of the joke and of course it's funny. Because then i became a headaches. Curator organizer had events. It became like my life for years and years years and still is a big part of my life but even back then i was like what What what is this. This is ted. Then why do they keep. Why do these different people exciting either all from the same place. That's interesting yeah. I should check that out. So i'm glad i check that out. I'm glad you check out. It's going to be really really cool. You'll like it. i'm gonna love it. I'm sure don't forget show notes. Ten besson's dot com slash. Food can take you to that channel and all the other things that we've talked about today and all this week and thank you so much for listening. Forget to subscribe to our podcast share with a friend rates. Even if you want we appreciate you so much. And i'm brian hart i'm karen mcfarlane hohmann and.

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