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Friend instead of a text maybe just whistle Texts from Ginny Thomas that urged a former White House official to overturn the 2020 election raise new questions about the impartiality of her husband Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas Here more today on our daily news podcast consider this from NPR You're listening to all things considered a member funded 90.1 I'm Jim burris It's a pleasure to have you along this afternoon our time is 5 18 And public health officials may soon lift pandemic restrictions at U.S. borders critics warn chaos might follow They're aware of what they're about to release They've had a year to be able to plan for it and they've chosen not to More on the possibility of a record surge of migrants crossing the southern U.S. border that's later in the hour on all things considered Support for WAB comes from South Carolina's hammock coast visitors can enjoy outdoor adventures including golf and fishing along marshes rivers and pristine beaches in Paulie's island and beyond more at hammock coast dot com From fashion to free trade we are in the business of covering business join us to make sense of it all It's time on marketplace This evening at 6 30 on 90.1 Taking a look at traffic.

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