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Sample of the playoffs here. I got the front of me. Versus the chargers. Patriots got the ball. And each of these two games versus the chargers. Fourteen plays eighty three yards. They score a touchdown but seven eleven off the clock and then against the chiefs on the road and era. Fifteen plays eighty yards eight oh five off the clock. That's been the blueprint for the patriots. So far in the two playoff games. Exactly. And you have to imagine that if the Rams get the ball first that they're not gonna let Jared Goff trying Chuck the ball downfield. They're gonna look to establish a ground game themselves and go through a feeling out process. So if you change that patriot scenario and all I know both those drives ended in touchdowns if New England takes an eight-minute March and basically consumed half of the first quarter and engine a field goal. You're sitting on ten and a half. You have to be feeling pretty good about your position barring turnover short field or something out of the ordinary to take place. All right. Any other pets that you want our listeners to know about for the weekend? I think if you have an opportunity to bet over two and a half players to attempt to forward pass it anything even money or better. I've seen some books. Start to go out to minus a dollar twenty. That's worthwhile. You have a number of players that have done in the past. Whether it's Johnny Hecker, the Rams punter. Whether it's Julian Edelman or another wrinkle, I think Sean McVay maitre I and throw the kitchen sink at the patriots. It wouldn't be surprised if maybe, hey, maybe it's Josh Reynolds or even Robert woods looking to try and do something. So over two and a half players to attempt to four path and Reynolds is taken on a pretty big role as far as running the football. Now, the catch twenty two you run into whether it's gonna be a jet sweep or one of those touch passes. I can see Reynolds maybe getting a Kerry instead of just catching footballs out of the backfield. I don't know how many Rams fans there truly are. And I don't mean to take shots at LA. But I mean, it's just it is what it is. I mean, but the proximity LA to Vegas. Most of a probably are going to thousand miles across the country to go to Atlanta. There are always a lot of LA people in Vegas. But I mean will there be a huge pop of. I guess Rams fans come into Vegas for the weekend. And watch this game you all the merchandise that they saw they said they sold more merchandise than the last. Ten days and pretty much the last year that the Rams have been in LA or two years, I should say. And when you look at that, I have to imagine a lot of those folks from Los Angeles that didn't want to go to Atlanta that already had tickets in Tripp's book for Vegas. You're going to see a pretty decent sized pocket of Rams fans. But patriots fans travel in bunches easier for them getting is coming out here to the desert. So I think you'll see both fan bases pretty well represented. So we we've been doing this a lot of years with you every Friday during the football season and another great year. So we appreciate all your hard work and all your knowledge and expertise, and we'll catch up again. Now what about six weeks or so when March madness kits right? Always look forward to guys can't thank you guys for enough for the opportunity to continue to make this an annual football tradition. Put a few bucks in people's pockets. And it always feels like home when I get a chance to talk to you guys and bus chops about the weather. I was just disappointed and get to come on Wednesday and ask me she said over under on if the mercury would get below minus fifty ambient temperature. Listen, it's going to be fifty here on Monday. So how about that? Like a five day span. We're going to have a real feel difference of about one hundred degrees. If you can believe it karma. You just have to make sure that your goes not busting out his speed for a little polar plunge when it gets to be fifty. Plus. I mean, I'm not sure anybody in the Chicago land area is ready for that kind of full-frontal. You'd never know. He did say he's going gonna wear shorts on Monday. Enjoy the game. Soon. I always a pleasure. Jim you guys do the same. Thanks every Friday throughout the football season and other great year with talk firm and follow him on Twitter and listen to his podcast about the board podcast is at Todd firm on Twitter, and he will definitely be back in March. Once we get going with the with the the conference championships and then into March madness, right?.

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