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Rick till was selected at random from the phone book to host the show. All right thank you for that. And welcome back to the program rick to the with you. Coast to coast and around the world on the american forces radio network. It's our pleasure to welcome to the show author steven g mantis co written a book along with sarah. Parsons walter called happened to the us mnt. Let's united states men's national team the truth about the beautiful game. It is available today from triumph. Books and stephen. I don't know where to start with the disgust. I had after missing out on entire world cup cycle in concacaf there's no reason There's no excuse. Why the united states at this point doesn't qualify them in mexico and everybody else but they managed to do it. So i guess that was the impetus behind this book Well yes i. I because everyone kept saying like what happened to this team. The quarter finals in two thousand and two world cup and now we're not qualifying. Meanwhile we thought the us had been making progress so we went back and looked at the data. And actually you're right. I mean if you look at the the heck's the teams that the united states finished fifth mexico finished first. The united states has twice as many players and mls playing two or three times. The number of minutes and mls and the us has four players in the top. Five leagues In during that heck's playing nine thousand minutes in mexico has five players playing six thousand minutes and costa rica two players playing six thousand minutes. Oh the us had the talent. There's no question about it. So that's when we started a dive into what other things happened. Besides that and also keeping in mind that there had been progress made going into the nineteen ninety four world cup. The united states had three wins five draws and twenty three losses against mexico and since nineteen ninety. Four we've had sixteen wins ten losses ten draws and thirteen losses so obviously some progress had been made. Well yeah the united states soccer federation started taking things seriously. I worked at the world cup in ninety four. And i think about the days before they would have those qualifiers at the coliseum just to sell tickets A mexican home game colorado. Junior said that he was told you you get a cap but you're gonna have to fly yourself if you wanna play for the team I think about you know as we built for ninety four and started taking those guys who qualified like the roy wiggly's and the tomas dooley's and you know opening up our minds a little bit but you know because at a talian ninety bob gansler just took really a college all star team down there for me. One of the biggest problems with the team now is the the hubris of that we can coach ourselves and And it's kind of started with bruce arena. Who did have success of course in south korea. But his second incarnation was awful. The I was not a fan of bradley. I don't know why are they would name a guy like berhalter as the head coach it to me. It would be like getting a guy from france and making him an nfl head coach. What do you think about that. It's interesting because That's was the conventional wisdom. Everything you just said is what people told us. And what we've discovered is i actually in europe. It's the opposite. I'll give you an example of this. In the united states dominates in basketball right in the nba is the best league in the world. We have the greatest players playing the united states in europe when they wanted to catch up to the united states. They did not hire. Us coaches they actually develop their own european style of basketball which obviously now many of those players are coming in the nba. very successfully. They had bigger players. Start to shoot from the outside which was unconventional monier. they had players Do you develop something. Called the euro strapping of how they went to the to the to the basket entire new style developed with european coaches not american coaches. And so we actually challenge this idea of. Should we actually have an american way of playing. And that's what we actually Discovered was that even if you take the women's team in nineteen ninety-one when the women won the world cup The women's team was not favored at all to in that world cup. And what they did was they recognize it and have this skill level to compete against the european Which had been playing the european championship since nineteen eighty-four which is around the time. Nc double a women's soccer really got going on their first championship in nineteen eighty two. And what they did. An endurance did was. He instilled a high press three four three system because he was like. If we let these other ladies can possess the ball they will beat us because they have a higher skill level so let us our athleticism and willingness to work defensively together in groups in the other side of the pitch in order to create turnovers and then shooting score and so i think that that sort of was. Hey let's use the strength of the united states and the way we learn the game and use that to our advantage. I'll give you another example in seventeen seventy six. The united states patriots didn't go hire a bunch of british forces or european forces Generals to come teach us how to do it we develop their own guerrilla style tactics to go defeat a superior military power to try to go compete against soccer power. The same way they play against us doesn't make sense to us like you should be using guerrilla tactics as well and the guerrilla tactics are basically a counterattack style of play. So everything you said. Send until we really got into it. Well i mean listen there and you could say revolutionary war was a french general. Lafayette paulus general. Today's cashew that was showing us what to do. But the the basketball thing i mean. Yeah they put out a good player here and there but their national teams. Don't stand up to us outside of you know. Spain may be coming in for a silver medal. But the you can't compare the women to the men in the united states there are completely different thing. The women here They grew up in a sport where it was viewed. It was like you know that's a great sport for girls You know and and you know tough guys will play football but in europe a and and all over the world really until the last twenty years. If you're a girl playing soccer you your feminine. Your femininity was stripped from you. they don't have the college system that we have so the the united states women. It's very easy to see why they dominate. But when i look at at mls. And i look at college soccer for the men. I just think that those two things heard our national team so badly we need to somehow find a way. It's easy for christian pulisic. Who has a you know a croatian or serbian passport. I say but to get like the iovine karofsky like it man. United or the john o'brien at the accident. I realized that now with the the deaths and some of the we have many players in the champions league Claudia arenas son we. We need to get those kids. The good ones early because if they go to college and play. Mls and mls keeps expanding so fast there. Just watering down the talent in this country more and more and more of that well. His is something people told us is that the united states wasn't doing very good job of developing identifying talent across the united states. That we we hadn't done that. We looked at other countries so take germany. For example. Seven of the eleven starters. The german team that won the world cup came from to develop ademi's By munich and shock up and we found that thirty that The majority of the team came from two states. Germany and that and that those two states only represent thirty five percent of the country of germany. So they only have like tony cruz. And from eastern europe who was found by byron munich. And it was brought to by of unique..

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