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Those dot ole teeth place implants and now thirty years out of school. They're looking all those implants and saying my gosh after ten years, probably almost half of them. Have Peri implant Titus is something you think will be used for the treatment apparently implant ida's. It's it's actually being used right now for that purpose, and this is very very important application. So in fact, it it's so important to us that we felt that this was the first product that we wanted to develop from the ubiquitous technology, which can literally derived, hundreds of different products from the technology. So this is an all different fields. But particularly in dentistry for professional dental offices and particularly for a period Donal applications we see an immediate an important application. So so yes, and in fact in actually runs the spectrum from helping to prevent to helping to treat as so. And this is the these for people who who are at the very incipient stage. Virginia Vitus all the way up through severe period on Titus, so yes, absolutely. And and when we're done with period on Titus. And as you said now, we're into Peri implant Titus. So it's very important application. Well, you're gonna have to walk to the journey. How do you go from university of Tennessee and Memphis for I'm practice clinical dentistry, twenty five years to actually discovering this this new technology. How does that work? Yeah. Well, I actually practiced in upstate New York in the Albany New York area of for many years. And while I was practicing I was introduced to to a young technology in the medical space. There were couple of medical researchers who also were developing some technology in their in their garage, actually and. When I looked at this technology. I thought it was so profound and so compelling that that and they needed so much help that ah that I pitched and initially on a passive basis with financial support, and then and then actively because they needed that much help. And and really was at a point that if they if I wasn't there to help them with that, then the technology never would have seen the light of day. So so it was at that point that I actually left dentistry to help to develop the technology that technology was the beginning of the stem cell revolution. And and that and that technology wound up to becoming dermal graphs where living human Dermot sheets of living Durmus were growing up in the laboratory, and they will use. Initially for a replacement for animal trials or animal testing. So 'cause medic manufacturers pharmaceutical manufacturers who needed to do animal testing. And then you mean testing before their products could be approved for use. If we could obviate the need for animal testing by providing living Uman tissue that they could test safely in the laboratory on then they would need to test at on animals because ultimately, even if it works on animals, they still have to try it on Uman's. So this was a safe and effective way of testing on living human tissue without endangering a human being and without endangering animals. So that was a series of products that we brought to market, and then also we also grew up sheets of Durmus and had them cryopreserved in burn centers around the country. So that when someone came in with third degree burns, a search could just lift the the sheet of Durmus out of out of the liquid nitrogen and apply it to the patient, and the beauty of human d'ors is that it does not have antigens factors. So that there is no rejection of you murmurs, the rejection rejection factors lie in the EPA Durmus. So once the this sheet of Dermott was applied to these wounds. Then the patient would not need a second wound were to harvest a tissue for a for graph. Because we using this donated Odermall that which had been prior preserved. And then it was just seated with patients on epidermal cells and actually grew back beautiful skin, beautiful skin. So so that's being used now in burn. Centers around the country and then similarly for non healing wounds, Venus stasis ulcers to Cuba, Alzheimer's these wounds. I there's been applications that have been found for the same tissue to be used to help to heal those wounds. So that was my initiation to to what brought me out of dentists because the technology was so fascinating. And once I had done that then I was looking at other medical applications to develop and and.

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