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It to the clippers to to Tobias Harris last year W. well that that we preference fifth starting lineup in two years yeah and and one of the big things last year all I heard was well these guys have played together at all yeah you know what to expect the playoffs will will then you're gonna be right back in that same boat right so I'll take the **** for things like a real that it's looking real bad right now and it's either Elton brand made a big mistake thinking that his style of play could fit with these guys worry made a big mistake thinking Brecht brown could incorporate him and one of the other it's bad it's bad news for both of healing that it was like around the hall the error maybe after Christmas the few **** for quotes came out yes he wasn't thrilled with his role yeah like what would you think was going to go on here yeah Hey would you think can be you know even though they don't I'll tell you one thing I would do if I was Brett brown I would run some early sex form I would do that just try getting going I would do that okay fares but secondly there have been if you watch them every night like I know we deal he misses a lot of the clean looks absolutely ally where you can't just lay this on I am not being used properly like you can clean looks from three he missed a couple bodies the other night in the Oklahoma any played pretty well against the thunder all given that either is is probably his best game a long time but he still was missing shots that he made with his with the Celtics in the hawks back in the day yeah I heard on cell exiles Brian Scalabrine you talk about him and he said yeah ages periods like this story just looks really bad and I I can't argue with like I don't remember him like that this would go like six weeks of just looking bad like that never happened now not not to this degree and you know here's the other the other problem with that is he's not defending at anywhere near the level that he usually has in his career like that's the other part it's not like he's just missing shots and on top of that any he was he's never been for his size what you would call a great rebounder but he's averaging six and a half rebounds per game yeah so he's not helping you when he's not scoring is not defending particularly well and it's not like he's in there just just you know crushing the defense of our offense of glass not doing any of that so he's not really helping you a lot of different ways so it's a problem you know the the other thing too with the Sixers Mike Scott's been horrendous thank you with faible out you're talking about a real limited batch like and this is been solid he's been fine actually trademarks and fight but you get nothing else yeah a Mike Scott has is in this funk where the second ball flies out of his hand you know it has no shot going to yeah he has so many shots a look like that and for a guy you with his size I'm not I I get that he's not you know just this in your neck oppose the I. up twenty but he is a six seven six eight guy you can take it to the basket every once in awhile bad you don't have to be launching like your Steph curry from three that's always offense of game is turned into it so he's got a he's got a better be spent eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine for your eighteen C. and Verizon cell come back Bruce in Overbrook you'll be first up coming up at four o'clock we will go through the wild card weekend Mike and I a lot of games a lot of close games over this past weekend and setting up a pretty intriguing matchups for the NFL divisional round coming up this weekend I'm rob else WP sports time is three fifty one for twenty twenty sports center early Wednesday morning Doug Peterson how rose will hold a media availability which you can hear on ninety four of your P. wrapping up the season presumably discussing the eagles future the former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira tell the W. I. P. mid day show to see that the hit that not Carson once said of Sunday's game was a cheap shot that should've been a penalty you could make it somewhat similar to a quarterback giving himself up the defender is beginning to start to make the tackle if the element the body if you're in the back he would be okay but as the defense was player since he's on his way to the ground or on the ground you have to stay away from the head or neck area the NFL reportedly is reviewing the play Jim Schwartz reportedly in Cleveland will be interviewing for the Browns head coaching job Wednesday it's the last head coaching opening for now reports having that will take on the Carolina job and Joe judge the giants head.

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