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We've crow intentions coming late this week. So there you go as well as bench bowed, which is dropping ethic Wednesday night about the big winner fell episode. The big battle happened. It was such a big grueling battle that Mallory actually got sick and Mallard did not come into work today. She's we thought it would be like episode four and a half was kind of the over under for when. Should get a debilitating illness from be broke down from the show's early this year. So if you bet the under congratulations Zep so three, but hopefully bench abode will be up and ready to go on late Wednesday night feel better. Mallory we miss you coming up. Jackie MacMullan, the hall of Famer as well as brand Kenny old friend when we talk and basketball talk about boxing tiny bit of baseball. That's all coming up. I are friends from project. We're taping. This just so you know to forty were starting Tuesday afternoon. So there will be two games tonight. And if there's like if the our test may partout happens tonight or. Controversies ever or Kyrie has seventy today, and that's not reflecting this by that's on our fault because we're taping for the games. But Jack mcdonagh's here pleasure. My favorites. We saw say it Sloan didn't count. We didn't. Really? I can't remember the last time. We've done a pilot. No, it's been years and years since I was at grant grantline every time. I every time I'm with you. It always turns it Noah podcast. It does. Car. Talking about stuff family all the stuff. We're hearing probably half of the stuff we could say to podcast, but those are the best kind right off the record podcast year. The. That one was great off the record like two days of just because that was when Kyrie was like things were really funky with the Celtics and every GM or coach or official from another team was like, hey, you know, usually the guys that like are avoiding you because they know you're gonna ask them a question. They don't want to answer. And you know on that thing they've got like your arm, right? Like, hey, sit down have a Cup of tea. What's new with you? And I'm like l like you really care about me. It just want to know of the Staples for people to go up to get information from I thought it was funny was happening to me. And I'm not information. But all the best people that were there that iron to is the first thing do what's going on with the Celtics. Right. Because it was it was so confounding was late February it was it was and it was really confounding then and it's confounding now because allegedly it solved which I'm just like I did the jump today since his Tuesday with Paul Pierce today. And he's declared this series over because his Celtics have won one game against the bucks. And I'm looking at him like. He's a maniac. I was so mad. You know? I love Pierce. I was so mad when he said that on TV. It's like first of all you're supposed to love the Celtics. Right. There's no up side to this just goes up the Milwaukee locker room right now that you did. And you know, what I said day on the show he said, Paul Pierce, if I had ever said to you when you were trailing a series one to nothing that the series is over you'd be so far up in my grill was laughing because he knows I'm right? You know, and there's just no basis. In fact, I'm making a declaration like that. Anyway, especially with this team because you do not know what this team is going to do from one day to the next better. I know they played better. I know they've won eleven out of thirteen. I know all the metrics. I know defensively defensively actually they've been pretty consistent the entire year. But they think about the game one win when they missed fifteen at all run put on them. Yeah. And they still won the game. I mean, I don't know if that says more about them or the bucks, but normally in big games when they go into those stretches. And they do where they can't score and they can't make shots instead of like slowing down passing the ball around. Everybody comes down. I'll do it. Wait..

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