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Directory of sex workers in london time who is telling sex and it lists not only address on their prices but very very intimate descriptions of what they do and they're all. This doesn't us very much. John cleland who famously boasted that he did it without writing any rude words at all these extent expressions like mossy grat. Keep its coal whole venus's mounds but we shy away from despite the reputation for being sexually prudish pornography flowed underneath victoria. Uppercrust society like a river of slamming ghostbusters. Thu they had pornography all over the place. Visual and literary and there are a lot of fun with current one of their pornographic magazines. The poll was published from eighteen. Seventy nine to eighteen eighty and published in it. Nursery rhymes lady of hitchin. Who was scratching. Contonou kitchen her father said roses the crabs. I suppose you're right of the book is a rich ing the amount of bombay fashioned to contact of clay but the heat of his turned into a brick and it chased list force away. Yeah well done victorian. Well done interestingly is also in the nineteenth century that we got the first recorded use of being used as an insult as an actual you are a current after the first time that it's used in the nineteenth century in the seventeenth century. We start it being used as a kind of derogatory collective noun for women. Some your peeps writes about this aphrodisiac was gonna make all the chase after him. Charming stabbing him with pins being sexually aggressive anyway. The victorians well-placed cont- one of the most important moments in history is the publication and the subsequent obscenity trial of lady chatterley's lover. This book contained fourteen concern. Forty folks and it was bound to go on trial in order to be published and it was shocking. Not just because the graphic scenes of sex and the and the language used but because it smashes down class boundaries. If you're not familiar with this it's about lady. Constance charlie a married woman who embarks on a fab with with sean bean but with is the game keep and the idea is it doesn't matter all her airs and graces titles. She's got a she's a sexual levels them but one of the pivotal scenes. Where mellows tries to tell her what couldn't means what do the accent. Nee folks only animals do but council lot more than that. It's they just are see a lot more beside novel. Anther even to fuck count. That's the beauty of the las- cont- the beauty of they laugh. I love that now. Just by jerry agree to work stuff. Full of Does have artistic merit on the allowed it to be published and you can see the pitches. The people queuing around the streets together hands on this book. Once it was never really made it. Back into the mainstream feminists maintain their own. Easy relationship with cont- judy chicago. She liked what was called the art movement of the nineteen seventy s. If i turned up a film a mainstream cinema in one thousand nine hundred ninety one in carnal knowledge with jack. Nicholson screamed a woman. That she is a bulbous. Busting son of a bitch or words to that effect on an exorcist as well it appears in the vagina monologues nineteen ninety-six. I think it was with enslin. She talks about reclaiming but it's still not the linguistic not step. Despite all of this work today it was finally admitted to the oxford english dictionary. Been around for thousands of years in the seventies and then a two thousand fourteen. They relented a little bit more and they added contented counting so we all know exactly what that means the off. Come the regulator for uk. Tv censorship.

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