Mohammad Shah, Delhi, German River discussed on BBC World Service


Lived often quite lavishly lifestyles so the ceremony tended to beef younger princes not older tubby a king's like mohammad shah who ruled in the seventeen hundreds and i'm sure there were lots of attendance who were very capable of lifting and a very elegant manner these kings and princes and placing them on the scales it would be absurd sir twoway our modern leaders against loads of treasure today but the presentation of rulers still matters the symbols of mogul power uh still important in south asia indian prime ministers ever since independence have spoken from the ramparts of the red force that great palace of the moguls and delhi and it was there in delhi's red fort with a peacock thrown lived in the pavilion called the devan haas oh it's such a beautiful building and so serene made up of sandstone and marble you walking amongst these low rice pavilions with these beautiful cusp arches with semiprecious stones enamelled into designs i've been to visit the red for several times and i've always been struck by one detail about the divaina across though it was inside this rather exclusive palatial complex it was designed in such a way to allow the public outside the red fort the chance to see the emperor the causes also quite interesting because it situated on higher plane you can see a general colleges and viewing mundell which overlooks the eastern bank of the german river and so show john would have appeared to the public at large through the viewing window the mogul empire was expanding and prosperous in the sixteen hundreds but by the seventeenth 30s that is a century after shot john inaugurate the peacock thrown things had taken a turn for the worse the persian king 'nother show invaded mcclinton figures are hard to pin down for this period with some of us to mated the thirty thousand were killed in a sack of delhi 'nother sharp thunder the mobile treasury causing away heaps of treasure including the famous cohe no diamond which now sits in the tower of london with the crown jewels he also took shots hands peacock throne this was a prize another sharp relished he had made the very sign of mogul here his own on his long march back to persia 'nother shaw with surround himself in his tent with the booty.

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