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Morning I'm Joan Jones And I'm Bruce Allen you're at the top local stories we're following for you this hour Three Frederick county teenagers are facing hate crime charges The Middletown middle school students were charged after social media posts showed them posing with guns and threatening to shoot black students From the moment the Frederick county sheriff's department was notified about the social media threats sheriff chuck Jenkins says the investigation was the department's priority We placed enough deputies and resources into this investigation that we were able to identify those responsible and bring the situation to closer by arrest In addition to the hate crime charge one of the students is also facing a weapons possession charge Frederick county school spokesman doctor Eric Lewis Phillips The Middletown middle students identified in the posts are not allowed on school property where school premises at this time Disciplinary actions from FCP will be forthcoming pending the completion of the investigation by our sheriff's office The sheriff's office says the parents of the three students were fully cooperative the investigation is ongoing In Frederick Sarah Jacobs WTO news Fairfax county public schools will ask a federal judge today to delay requiring them to change the admission policies for the hard to get into Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology Last week district court judge Claude Hilton ruled the fairfax county school system illegally discriminated against Asian Americans when it overhauled the emissions policies The judge said it amounted to impermissible racial balancing fairfax county schools have asked the judge for a bit more time as it weighs an appeal All 133 superintendents in Virginia's public school systems are asking governor Glenn youngkin to take down the tip line in which parents are supposed to report divisive content in a letter to the head of the state's Department of Education the Virginia association of school superintendents says a 30 day report says the governor has rescinded a lot of well researched work toward equity and they disagree with the assumption that discriminatory and divisive concepts have become widespread They're asking the governor to work with them before making future pronouncements A new development this morning in the murder case highlighted in the hit podcast cereal I had then sayed was convicted of killing his girlfriend and now prosecutors in Baltimore have joined defense attorneys and asking a judge for certain items to be retested for DNA Said was convicted of the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend hayman Lee a crime lab would test for what is called trace DNA on items like Lee's clothes shoes and hairs found around her body The state maintains that syed struggled with leave before he killed her and syed's lawyers argue it that strangling someone would put the killer in close proximity to the victim The technology to examine DNA from things like skin cells left behind when someone touches something was not around when side was convicted over 20 years ago Prosecutors agreed to the motion after defense attorneys contacted them about Maryland's 2021 juvenile restoration act which qualifies people convicted of crimes before they turn 18 to ask the court for different sentence after they have served at least 20 years in prison The world famous cherry trees around the tidal basin are moving closer to their big debut But temperatures could dip below 24° this weekend and that's a critical temperature to the survival of the blossoms Well we're definitely keeping an eye on our temperatures this coming weekend Mike litters with the National Park Service says the snow isn't the concern It's the cold that can damage the butts In 2017 we did lose about half of the blossoms because we had a really late hard freeze But timing is everything and right now we are in stage two we just had a handful of trees that had moved to stage three And the buds take the cold better in those stages at stages four and 5 when they're in most risk of dying due to the temperatures dropping Mike Murillo WTO news Coming.

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