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I'm a techie guy took like the stuff and I usually adopt stuff early. So when the watch came out I looked at it and thought man, I would like to have that but it's kind of a convenience thing. You know, I don't need it. I can just look down at my Alpha and grab it off. Well sooner or later. I acquired a Garmin first. I got a Garmin Vivio active young watched that they actually the integrated dog tracking app wasn't on there, but you could get a third-party one. So I got it home. Realized I loved the Garmin watch for a lot of things outside of hunting and dog tracking. I really liked the activity tracking and fitness tracking aspects of my Garmin watch eventually upgraded to a phoenix. And now I had a buddy he was out with his first bird dog. I talked him into getting an alpha 200. He got it like the day it came out and he was out there using it and just seeing him use a handheld and he was kind of like looking to me wage. So for me to look down at my watch and tell him where his dog is because it was so convenient for me to look at my watch and it just it it like kind of reiterated like just how nice that is to be able to just glanced down at the wrists where my dog is. I mean that thing works really really well. Yeah and those watches to like you talk about the Phoenix that's just incredible on-screen mapping, you know, everything like that. I kind of mention the Instinct as well. That's another one both of those just Incorporated solar charging Technologies. So I mean, I think I'd charge this Instinct once every forty days or something. Yeah the batteries on yeah are crazy. It's warm. Then there's also somebody just other features that you can get with it and information and that's the thing with the information even you know, with the alpha and with if you're saying your watch with, you know, Garmin Connect or anything like that where you're getting those stats from your health your, you know, everything you could possibly imagine within and it's like there's also the choice that you have. It's like how much information do you want like you don't you don't have to use it if you don't want to but the thing is if it's there and so if you ever do need it or want it you have the ability to just to check it out quickly on the flying. Yeah. So one more thing on the watch for the moment. I don't know if I've talked about this on the podcast before but what I have started doing with my Garmin watch and using the Garmin Connect app and the activity tracking is it is essentially the skeleton of my hunting journal and it's really easy to do. I have a custom activity on my Garmin watch that I is titled up on Hunt. So I get out of the truck. I do the same things. Everybody else does strap the colors on my dog load the gun cetera. I I pressed two buttons on my watch I start tracking an activity. So I hit the button on my watch start it I start walking I go hunt. I'm out hunting looking for Birds. Hopefully my dogs are pointing them on flushing them maybe hitting a couple every time I flush a grouse I do one long button, press on my watch that I've programmed to be the lap timer my buddy and I have creatively figured out how to use them up timer because what the lap timer does is when you're reviewing it, it drops a pin where you hit that lap and it's number two. So I hit the lap time or everytime I flush a grouse and what that allows me to do is after I finish my heart I get back to my truck. I stopped it. I get my truck. I'm sitting there taking a break catching my breath. I sync my watch to my phone. You can open up the phone and there's my activity encapsulated. It's just the date time duration of the hunt mileage. I walked weather wind and I can look at the track that I walked to the cover over the satellite image. And see every time I dropped a pin and flushed a grouse so I can see I flushed ten Grouse and I flushed him here here and here and here and forever that hunt that Upland Hunt is saved in my Garmin Connect app in the cloud. I can go back and review it anytime. It's like I can go back and review house. I can relive these hunts because I can see where I walk through the cover and where I flushed the birds. It's just to me I find that so I'm crazy valuable and I just I love using that I don't know if you've ever talked to anybody else that that does that with your Garmin watch. But yeah people also do that on a fishing side of things too. And I mean, so what you've kind of talked about is dead. Like I wish I could take credit for like that type of stuff and no again. I'm those that credit goes back to the engineers that just figured it out and what people do in love and that's kind of like not to keep going back to that but it's like talk about something that's enhancing your Outdoor Experience, you know? Yes, and it does that's always like, you know, I do it differently. So it's like all Market on the actual on the alpha and it's like, yeah. Yep. It's funny and so I can go back and you can see like you said relive hunts and like seeing what kind of where it was and the and everything about it brings back those members and I think in a weird way that's that's what we're all trying to do with, you know, if there's a way that I could relive those moments more I would but you can do that with like how you described your how I do it and it's that kind of continual on-going live journal or home experience and one we're in it in the moment. It's one thing right and the day after you think about it like oh, you know, that's great. I'll go back and check that out. But cheers down the road. You know, those kind of I'm looking forward all that like, oh, yeah my Glory Days back and I remember that Grouse or I remember sneaking here and that type of stuff. So I don't know it's it's all of it. I like I said, it's it always just amazes me the stuff that you know, the team here thinks of and comes.

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