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The Countess. Exactly exactly. So. Now, obviously, this is a film that's GonNa. Take a little. Effort on our part to try to discuss. Yes, this is another David Lynch film like eraserhead. That isn't exactly linear and David Lynch's not explaining it no. He's just saying you know this is. This is a love story in the city of dreams, and that's all he's given, you know. Although he did you know? Apparently? He gave some clues in ten clues. I wrote these down. That was in the original DVD release. There was like a little card insert. Right David Lynch's ten clues to unlocking this thriller. The question of course is. Can you actually trust what David Lynch's telling you? No No No I don't i. don't trust what David. Lynch's telling me because. David Lynch shows me what he wants me to see. And the rest of it is up to me is how I feel about him as a director and that's part of why Lovin. I mean you know? You don't I mean as David Lynch Fan. You know I know personally that. He's not gonNA explain everything. Because Hey I've watched three seasons of twin peaks. And I know I'm not going to get all the answers that I want I still don't know what's going on. You know and I've watched other things like blue velvet or This film Mulholland drive while at heart take your pick. Inland Empire Oh. Yeah so. Just, you know there's a lot of films that you know especially of his that he's not going to give you the full story, and because he may not even know the full story he just. He knows the kind of story he wants to tell. Right that maybe came to him in a dream, and he's just trying, and he's trying to put it up on screen for everybody to share with right. He wants to show you something. Yes, and whether or not what he wants to show, you is in a linear fashion. Is Neither here nor there. Yeah, exactly so so. I'm here with my wonderful. Coho, Zan and then sprouse and We're GONNA. Try to break this down as best as we can. So bear with us as we go through this because. What I think is GonNa? Be a lot of fun as we talk about this. And Sheriff we got a lot to talk about because. There's a lot going on in this movie. And so we might as well without any further. Let's start. Let's start breaking his damn a little bit. So. I should mention that. Of course. This room movies like two hours twenty six minutes. And and it's first two hours are apparently want story, and then we get a completely different story for that final half hour right right? So that's GonNa take some explaining obviously just when it starts to be porn. Does a one eighty on you exactly so. Porn and then flips it right. And you fell for it like the fascist are so. Little Nell That line. And when that was good pinkie..

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