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So he goes off and joins a band of Cherokees, really probably nodded common thing back. Then what did he play? The leader of the village who whites called John jolly because whites are fucking horrible. Like Sam and adopted him. Okay. Got a new dad. All right. The gave him the name Colona, which meant the raven. Okay. Yeah. So he's coming in hot. I like it can raven. Sure, he lived with a tribe for three years and would sometimes come back visit his family and be like, hey, what are you guys doing? But what you guys living. All my other dad loves that. I'm tall. Loves I'm tall. I'm raving. Don't do that around the raven. Well, it was the ravens saves people from crime what I don't like crying. Can you go back to your your Cherokee people will it just came here for supplies? He's looks leave. Thanks. And then in eighteen twelve he returned. So this is three years later returned to to Maryville comes back. Okay. And he announces that he's going to teach school. Okay. Sure. Yep. So he charged. He built a log cabin as most teachers. Do Let's you got? bring out supplies though. Obviously, you what else you've got to pay for them. He charged a tuition of eight dollars a term. Okay. And to deal with unruly students. Sam had a set of lead knuckles. We'll we'll lose, sir. What? So don't fuck around in that class or I'm literally gonna break your face. Shay what how was school today? A giant broke my cheek bone. I don't know if you say it that clearly..

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