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Life threatening you will be taken to an emergency room if not they will figure out the best way to treat you in your home possibly in consultation with your doctor the teams in S. U. V.'s are being deployed where needed all around the county Michelle bash they will stay home WTOP news as we move into spring summer wondering can't Miskito spread coronavirus all the little suckers are annoying there's no evidence they can transfer code nineteen or other similar diseases the flu is not crispy bye bye bye miscue does Clementon NJ an assistant professor of the department of biochemistry at Virginia Tech but what about other viruses mosquitoes spread for other viruses like Zika and yellow fever what happens is that the virus invade these glands that produce saliva and when the mosquito bites the next person injects some some I haven't that's how the virus gets transmitted and so far it doesn't look like this coronavirus can do that in mosquitoes or other insects but he says still take precautions against bites because while they may not be carrying this disease they still can carry others Michelle Morello WTOP news a granddaughter and a great grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy have been identified as the missing boaters who've been the subject of a search near Annapolis Maryland governor Larry Hogan has more for us Ireland lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend daughter Maeve and her eight year old grandson Gideon went missing after canoeing yesterday afternoon on the south river here in and around the county they were last spotted near herring bay that's about ten miles south of Annapolis the search continues up next the money news Wall Street ends of all of the week with more steep losses I'm Jeff label for twenty four I'm Bruce Allen with WTOP's community call out our ongoing commitment to provide relevant announcements and information that will.

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