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Congressman James Clyburn, brought up a phrase used by President Trump and his supporters problem is making America's greatness, apply fairly and equitably to all of AP digital news back in a moment. We came looking for real main winter, and we found it. We were headed to the lodge. The fire really the only thing I wanted was some hot cocoa and one more foot of snow. I forgot that lasts longer than this. This trail these these mountains stories start with us. Stay with us. Plan. Your main winter getaway dot com Super Bowl. Organizers look to one of Atlanta's very own AP music. Correspondent Margie zaraleta reports. Gladys Knight will perform the national anthem before this year's big game. Gladys. Knight says she's proud to use her voice to unite and represent the country in her hometown of Atlanta. She answered that the NFL has recently announced a new social Justice program, and she's honored to be part of it in its inaugural year nights will sing the anthem before the Super Bowl and February third. Maroon five big BOI of Outkast and Travis Scott will do the halftime show. I'm Archie zaraleta? A UN report says the world's thirst for fresh water is causing a salty problem. The study by researchers from Canada, the Netherlands and South Korea desalination plants around the world producing enough Brian waste to swamp an area the size of Florida with a foot of salty water every year, researchers won't that much of the Brian is being dumped untreated into the sea and some is causing harm to see life because of toxic chemicals, the researchers called for better Brian management, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia which rely heavily on desalinate. They noted that studies have shown Brian can be used in equa cultures to boost yields of salt, tolerant species of fish and the metals and salts contained in it could be mind. The headliners are set for the twenty nine thousand nine Coachella valley music and arts festival coming up in April. If it promoted goldenvoice, Arianna grabbed eight childish, Gambino, tame Impala.

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