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Here's your five minute. Poll question. Would you rather know the truth about Malcolm Butler being benched in the Super Bowl, why Jimmy Garoppolo was traded deflate gate or other with the patriots. I guess that would be spying on the Super Bowl with the Rams their walk through. There's a few of them in here, but let me see Butler benching Garoppolo trade deflate gate. Probably going to go Garoppolo because is Brady involved in this. How involved is he in this be owner involved in this? The owner Trump the coach in this. The Brady talked to crab. So if I could get all the answers to all of this, I sort of feel like I know what happened with Deflategate Butler. I am curious. Because I do think that that cost the patriots, a Super Bowl, and Dan Shaughnessy brings out, you know, one of those amazing stats. Imagine if you said to a team, you're not going to have to punt in the Super Bowl. Brady's gonna throw for over five hundred yards. You got one of the best defense in minded coaches in the history of the NFL. On your sideline. You got a great defensive coordinator, you're gonna lose the game. Not possible really when you think about it, it's it's not possible, but I, I would want to know the Garoppolo trade details, the Butler benching you know if he got into a fight with Bela checks, son, or there was something else at the hotel room or whatever it might be. Okay. Once you get that answer, it feels like there's a lot of layers here with the Garoppolo trae. Yes. Phone, I think I'd like to know Butler because of its disciplinary. It's really tough to discipline. Someone at the hindrance of your own team at the biggest game of the year doesn't send them belch. It doesn't seem like that kind of guy you'd seen like he'd wanna win. I over discipline. But the fact that nobody has said anything is really interesting. And I've said this before about ballot check. I don't know him, but I do respect the fact that he doesn't wanna talk about it and he doesn't want to say anything about Malcolm Butler. I guess he could slander him. He can have some things to save Malcolm Butler, but he's chosen not to say anything at all. Yeah, see the. You have to wonder that if Malcolm Butler messed up. By. I mean, what else could it be? Oh, yeah, he had to do something. We just don't know what it is. I don't think it's it's his play. I don't think all of a sudden Bella check goes, you know on second thought you haven't been playing that. Well, he played ninety eight percent of the snaps during the regular season. You're facing the eagles their torching you. If you wanna make a point, you suspending for the first half and then you bring him back in the second half and maybe you get a stop, maybe win a Super Bowl because of that. Yeah, it does give the appearance of it being so we agreed. Yes. Where Bill Belichick maybe doesn't want to embarrass one of his former players and Butler for him not to talk, you know, he did. He do something really that bad where he himself was too embarrassed to to share why he thinks he got. He may not want to talk about it because it's not gonna reflect well on him. But I, I am curious. I'd love to know what Tom Brady thought of this. What Dan at any point do you say to Bella check like at halftime coach. What's the deal here? I mean, we're not stopping anybody. I, I mean, I'm gonna have to throw for five hundred yards. Mean punish him in the off season, like just telling me what's going on here. We're going to play the players that are on field. That's it. Coach, could you speak up? It's really loud in the locker room or going to play the players on the field. Okay. All right. Coach all to throw for five hundred yards here..

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