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High twothirds of its three mile an hour really make that much difference if you can get a mile or mile and a half an hour more you're that's a that's a pretty big advantage to drivers feel if they don't feel that they can see it you'll you look at the tax coming out of the corner here's the fence now the i think driver knows whether it was a good lap or not even a mile an hour or two fits smooth it's a pretty good one so i think yeah we'll be good race anyway but we know we we saw out last year with sebastian boy i'll take much of a wobbled everything go wrong he learned a hard lesson there he said it was he felt it wiggling one and he didn't make any he should have changed the sway bar just men or corner weight or something before it got to and he didn't do that qualifying you don't lift so rick mears called donny beechler one year we were on a on a golf cart riding back and he says was right after dining hit the fence pretty good and he says what happened and he says well it twitched in one you know and i caught it i figured i did you know did whatever they were talking driver lingo and rick's any says i went down in three and it just went he says the right there is where your foot over your ass it was an expensive lesson fortunately rick mears only hit the wall one time and that was not that was not self inflicted waterline insanity doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result there you go dale again they'll coin loses a driver for me young fittipaldi grow ph he broke both legs of spy yesterday yeah qualifying crash it was i didn't see anything of it yet i don't kazan videos out there but he apparently in the corner anyone straight off apparently a compound fracture in his left leg went through surgery yesterday his right leg was also broken wasn't as bad as laps will help a full recovery but it.

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