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The thing they do here in Philadelphia they do that that's like the army marathon we do not make you slide over to ride before you do either necessarily have to wear the tracksuit are chasing the chickens but there is someone with a raspy neck like voice the yells a year while you're doing it this guy's a record machine rocker yellow hi so funny man everybody your Philly love stock in rocky you love all the up it's funny because we talk about how rapid the fan base is here for that the eagles and the Phillies even they say Philly filter so me in the pool of blood to the Easter egg hunt looks like the great Philly line eight snowballed Santa Claus the days that are there kid who ran on the field with the Phillies game but no joke the city of brotherly love to Israel like you walk through a bar in these people your way they just get out of the way people are very tiny they say hello it's a very it's a very like Midwest feeling friendliness on the east coast here in Philadelphia so it is a it is definitely a city of brotherly love regardless of how many they are to Santa Claus or their sports teams are they're not going well we'll talk a little bit more about that later but we're pleased to welcome the now former LA reader again not a Heisman finalist but a top six finisher he's in the college football hall of fame one of the greatest football players to ever play for navy Napoleon McCallum how are you today yeah you know I lost to Doug Flutie and Bo Jaque little dog little and and you play with ex with the raiders yeah yeah you had with them you have a great backfield there I heard I heard some of the other stations talking about a play with Marcus Allen and yellow greater sort of had to had to make sure they had to add spells for you because you miss that double time after get dressed and yell yeah exactly what else about that come on the plane for the the Naval Academy drafted to the NFL I know that's not a a common jump we see more are you an opportunity to play for yeah a little schools my my my first year I got to play with the raiders kind of practice that went to the navy might my ship was dry docked in Long Beach so I went externally into work got off around lunch went to the raiders for practice their last half a practice stayed for some film work every fourth day had to go back to the ship to stand duty and they and then maybe kinda let me off on the weekends to play with the raiders so you're like this is like a side job almost you were in the navy also closed off days right right right into it was on floor is that your DSL Flores was the head coach Marcus Allen was in the the back fill that ma'am when I look back and Marcus Allen Eric Dickerson Roger Craig Bo Jackson I mean those are the guys Greg bell yeah you know I had to try to compete with you know to get in so I did a lot of special teams work and after a lot of fun yes used a lot of time playing for the only rate was six seven seasons down there you plant yep six years six years okay and submit that's important asking for the forty under flagships was at a lot of time talking couch in hand the shared a hand style often you play for my chin did you know I know you did no I did not I got was at the gap you were gone yet okay she went or shell then so be sure and that that three running backs scheme is what we talk about open up the office of white so anyway the plea for our shells sort of revolutionary plan for an African American head coach now playing under al Davis in LA after they move from Oakland okay yeah right right experience like it they would it was fantastic you know is you know the raiders I think we we kept we kept losing to the it was buffalo and I think New England.

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