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Let's see looking for there that fizzling sound you know at that means don't you lisa deborah means you're loosening no because we can all hear it yeah that means it's hot seat time it's time to put our experts on the hot seat to see who's pants catch fire lisa arthur is now going to ask our experts in questions to spot the liar which expert arthur put on the hud seep i i'm gonna say omari because it rhymes with atari my first girlfriend was a twenty six hundred sweet tail i'd like to hear we broke up very good arthur can you please ask amari your first question i know that you are kotor but have you made any games yet three questions so i haven't created games but we have programs that teach kids to actually teach them how to think about how to create games for even start with a game or even programming you have to first start with what the game inch rules would be what would be the games objective what would be the games you know end result how would you score the game and how many players would play in the game and so once all of these things on paper that's how actually games get created to begin how did you learn to code how did you learn to code that's a good one should we give that one to honor who's on the other expert yeah yeah okay ana how did you learn how to code well thanks for asking my niece schuyler wasn't girl scouts and it seemed so to me that even though she was interested in coding there was nothing there that would give her a badge if she spent time on coating and i said i know some of the ladies over at the girl scouts of america let's talk to them and so we got excited to help her get her first badge and that's how i really got into coding because i wanted schuyler to be able to have a badge and i want tell you something in twenty seventeen guests what was created a robot well thank you know you're gonna love this actually there is a badge now for robotics as well of course you and i aren't there i also love to draw so it was really fun to come up with some concepts and ideas that could be used for girl scouts of america to say two girls hey coating robotics it's awesome and you said you were self taught where did you learn i am going to tell you what there is so much to learn on the internet have you ever gone on the internet lisa have you been on the internet.

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