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Stuff, too. But I would say it's probably going to be slightly harder if the properties in the trust Be extra standing have Lifelock. If you're talking about Lifelock and programs like I think it's called lights lock. Um, that's a monitoring program. So there is a separate from one clock Lifelock. Cost. I have it. I have. Lifelock van is about 10 bucks a month. This is the new insurance is now about what caused 14 69 or 14 99 per month. Tohave your property. Protected so that hackers cannot steal your property. And then resell it to someone else, Which is what I usually do it. So so, Yeah, I'm not familiar with that program. But it seems to me somebody could steal it. All they can do is find out about it very quickly and let alert you and then take action. Senator the property titles. Down at the courthouse. And if anyone does anything to effect the title, try to attempt trick affected title, etcetera. Then they will notify you and take immediate action. Yeah, well, that's right. They notify you. And take the immediate action, but they can't stop it from happening. They notify you when it happens immediately, So they say, and they can't really stop it themselves. They have no power to do anything but take immediate action. Which is not that much of your life locked in my mind, But anyway, um You could monitor in there..

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