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Absolutely i think with in with in the academic community they are as well and then within genomics they're sort of biological anthropologist people who work on paleo stuff and so on and so forth but i kind of want to just go back to that question like the fact that we're addressing this in public form in public facing way is really important because the majority of people in my field would never go near it they would you you know know they would ran off the stage already so with all of that being said i i want to just repeat this clint sort of mentioned this and hit it on the nose he was very elegant in describing this sort of interface with race engineer but there is no basis for race in terms of biology there just isn't it's a socially constructed phenomenon generally speaking i can give you tons of examples of this you know we're talking about partition india israel palestine you know all of these different conflicts all these things kind of center around separating people from resources and using things that we kind of confuse signatures of race we get it confused with missing a lot of the times but one thing that's really important is something like skin color is a genetic component agent netted variant that contributes to something that's physically observable that's what we call phenotype the word we use to describe it but that is not associated with race i e a social construct these things are like oil and water and it causes a lot of controversy within our field people generally don't do a good job handling these sorts of questions i hope i'm doing justice.

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